New Music: The Weeknd “Enemy”

Serenading his lady the best way he knows how, The Weeknd gives fans another free tune. Don’t forget, Trilogy arrives in stores November 13.

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  • Jaymalls

    This yodeling ass nigga sounds like a The-Dream knock off w/ some MJ vibrato! #SMH

  • Love/Hate

    I’m tired of this nigga.

    All of his shit sounds the same now….

  • D!A!E!

    ^^^^HATE HATE HATE HATE^^^^^^

    Unless you’re retarded or suburb WHITE, I bet it is hard for yall to do differentiate the difference between Rap songs and R&B songs. Idiots.

    This so honestly some dope shit.

  • Love/Hate

    @ D!A!E!

    WTF are you talking bout?

    This shit sounds like a “Echos of Silence” throw away.

    Your the retarded one if you think this shit is any different than the other shit he’s put out.

  • Fukdj Khaled

    Sounds the same but still pretty good

  • Doesn’t really matter

    Weeknd is the v

  • D!A!E!


    So your suburb WHITE. Their’s your problem, retard.

  • poetic assasin

    no hate, this wasn’t a real good track.

  • Mrhahajones

    Of course he sound like The Dream, their cousins.

  • Some kind of difference in radio frequency or something…

    Does music sound different in the city vs. in the suburbs? Or to black vs. white people? That’s amazing I had no idea… how does that work?

  • Love/Hate

    @ D!A!E!

    My nigga, I am far from white.

    And help me understand what being white has to do with not liking this bullshit.

    You mean to tell me that you have to be black to understand this non-singing ass nigga?

  • kareem

    this nigga’s whole schtick is getting to be exhausting.
    “ooooohhhhhh listen to my light-skinned heart breaking, bitch come do these lightskinned drugs with me…lightskinned love”.

  • poetic assasin

    hahahahahah @ light skinned drugs

  • M.T

    Dope! nice vibe. definitely copping the trilogy too.

  • TheBlock

    “non-singing ass nigga”?? The Weeknd has the best voice in the game.
    And his songs are not all the same, they may revolve around women and drugs but they all say something different..

  • so he wants just have his way with the female and he don’t want her to say a word…is what i got from the track.

  • He sounds like the dream ?
    Thats such a lazy comparison just dhut the fuck up

  • itsMe

    He put this out after the show in nyc……it was a dope performance to say the least

  • Rico

    if u can relate to what he’s saying this song is amazing very truthful and up front

    can’t hate on dude he’s a unique talent

  • D!A!E!
  • D!A!E!
  • GCQ

    all you hatin ass mother fuckers go bump your 2 chainz n future and stop commenting on real music it doesnt need your opinion nuccuhhh

  • This is my shit! He deserves radio play ASAP!

  • It’s cool! But for somebody new to be doing this Amazing!
    This would a smash hit for Dru hill!

  • HateBrothaNumbaDuce

    Dear Weeknd,




  • onenutned

    this shit ill,,all you non pussy -getters exit stage left. every song doesn’t have to be deep..he been working hard all week and want some pussy..who can’t relate?

  • @ D!A!E!

    Welscome to RR. This is not KTT. Leave the dumbass photoshop and shitty .gifs over there, please.

  • Banana Puddin

    I be fuckin ur bitch to all his shit!

    Juicy MF J said this shit right, The Weeknd’s songs make them panties WET! Bout to go to the strip club, blow 20 thousand nigga! We trippy mane!

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    this is gay like Frank Ocean. yeah, I’m white, I hate R&B and I like rock.


  • Ryo

    This is too real i don’t care

  • Do right and kill everything


  • Papes

    some of you just came here to talk shit. lost niggas.

  • HollyWood

    The Weeknd’s music is good music. The folks that are saying it sounds the same is because you’re not listening to what he says/you haven’t listened to his previous songs—by listening to his previous songs I mean actually listening to all his fucking albums n music you dumb fucks!. Just like my man GCQ said go listen to your fucking 2chainz(lmaoooo) Future, Wiz Khalifa, & Rick Ross. lmaoo. Horrible Music. Sometimes Catchy but it’s overally not so good music. BTW just had to add this….Rick Ross’s music/career is starting to slowly go downwards after God Forgives, I Don’t. Maybe he should have spoke to god before naming his album that. Ha!

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