Sheek Says Lil Wayne Wanted The L.O.X.

The L.O.X. on YMCMB? It could’ve happened. According to Sheek Louch, Weezy tried to sign the Yonkers trio to his label. The group passed on the offer and decided to have Swizz Beatz and DJ Khaled oversee their next album.


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  • realwickwickwack

    i wonder what he

  • Musikal

    Good decision.

  • realwickwickwack


  • Devante

    Good job on letting Khaled and Swizz oversee the project.. Hopefully Kahled gets beats for em.
    Other then Styles P, The Lox has had terrible beats on their solo project

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Good move by the LOX.

  • Safe Dwade

    Damn the homie Kendrick dropped a fucking Classic

  • Good move by the lox?
    There album is probably never coming out but good move by the lox ? U guys are hilarious
    U guys always congradulate moves that keep them stuck in the same positiin theyve been in for years

  • LoverofHipHop

    I honestly would’ve went with the wayne signing…think about it…khaled is on Cash Money so it would have been nothing to still get him to assist on the project….swizz is their mans for life….he still wouldve worked on the project as well.

    But with wayne being on board, all it would have brought is allot more attention and awareness then before, but still allow the possibilities of them to have their (khaled and swizz) hand in the pot to help stir what their cooking up. It would have brought more light to the LOX from a completely new fanbase and generation. Swizz and Khaled are from the same generation as the lox, what wayne couldve brought to the table is needed for them. Khaled with all his features and beats sold miniscule compared to what wayne does…wayne has an audience with buying power…why not leverage that along with the other stuff to help these guys have a successful album that we all know they deserve? Bad move in my opinion…Wayne isn’t the musical control freak that others in the same boat would be, Drake makes the music he wants to make…same with Nicki…how you feel about it aside…the fact that them two’s albums sounds so different is a testament that he as their boss lets them do them.

  • Post no billz

    The last lox album came out 2000.. fuckin drop it already

  • meth fiends lurking

    Good move by the Yonkers G’s. Co-Sign getting a good exec to pick the beats for them but they have made a couple great abums 3 best albums from LOX members

    LOX – We are the streets
    Styles P – Gangster and a Gentleman
    Sheek Louch – Walk With Me (Seriously Under-rated)

  • Rozay

    Having Wayne sign them would have been suicide, think about it when Wayne came out the Lox were already doing records with BIG before he died and Wayne was on his wobbley wobbley kick, to me it just shows that the Lox are workers instead of bosses, too much weed and not enough paying attention to the business side, Drake, Big Sean, Wiz,Wayne,Ross,Jeezy,Nikki, have all passed these dudes, sad but true, the world should know about the Lox but these dudes are Local, and always will beoutside the US these dudes are nothing and yall know it.

  • Belize

    Translation: We dont kiss men or baby’s

  • Trillionaire

    that would have been career suicide…

  • Mac Diesel’s FATHER

    Cant wait!!!!

  • isnt khaled we the best imprint under cashmoney/universal mo town

  • mm

    little part of me will die if i hear a dj kalid drop on a lox record

  • poetic assasin

    what has wayne help put out other than nicki and drake? cory gunz, millz, chuckie, short dawg, bow wow, gudda gudda, 2 pistols, and busta rhymes still have not put out an album — jay sean had his own following already, and who else came out, kevin rudolf? Tyga had to basically force their hand to make them drop his album, majority of the stuff he did on his own.


    Cosign Meth but all of Styles P albums were good solid albums dont sleep on the Sheek After Taxes album i think that was better than Walk Wih Me and that was dope

  • Realshyt

    But isn’t had skids signed to the roc nation?

  • Realshyt

    Correction: isn’t jadakiss signed to the roc?

  • meth fiends lurking

    true true bus driver styles always puts out solid albums and his mixtape game is crazy and sheeks after taxes was dope as hell shame jada dont got a real nice album hopefully top 5 dead or alive shuts me the fuck up

  • nick riveria

    lol swizz beats and dj khaled..the 2 worst ears for beats in the game. i predict the lox album goes tinfoil, 5K units the first week!

  • Jaymalls

    Good move for The Lox on not signing to YMCMB… They still haven’t released Bow Wow, Cory Gunz, Gudda Gudda, Short Dawg, Lil Twist, Lil Chuckie, Limp Biscuit, Busta Rhymes, Etc.

    P.S. After Taxes > Walk With Me

  • mike

    I just really want a LOX album. We are the streets” was a long time ago

  • tbd1983

    So are they signed to Swizz & Khaled ? I hate when artists give minimal talk on their label situations

  • Y guys act like ymcmb is out here being reckless
    They work by a simple code no buzz no release whats so wring about that?
    So in retrospect its good they disnt sign cuz the buzz would have never gone to a level needed for release

  • This shit aint movin more then 80k if any
    They better off releasing it at styles p juice bar If you by 2 shakes or more u get the lox album

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  • Sheek

    Puff tried to resign us… GTFOH!

  • Prophet

    If they signed to YMCMB, they would have never come out. At least doing it their own way they have a chance at moving a few units.

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