Lil Wayne Rehospitalized

Not again. The gumshoes over at TMZ say that Weezy has suffered another seizure onboard a plane en route from Louisiana to Texas. He’s set to be released from a local hospital. Earlier today, Wayne was hospitalized for “seizure” like symptoms.

UPDATE: He’s good


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  • Steve

    Rozay all over again. Give him some diced pineapples, seriously.

  • I honestly wouldn’t care if Wayne stayed in the hospital for the rest of his life. That arrogant prick that shits on all his fans deserves it.

  • Ghost

    Drank will fuck you up

  • Devante


  • its fucked up i had seizures before, its not a good condition to have, epilepsy, its from all them psychadelics tht fuck up your brain chemicals, and not to mention that xanax, once you on them for a minute and u abruptly stop for a day or two, u are highly at risk to have a seizure..

  • just picture talking for a minute to somebody then all of a sudden u snap out of it and u already standing up talking to somebody and u dont even know what day it is of the week for the first 3 min…

  • lol i snapped out of it and all i hear is this fuckin russian kid saying “brooooo, u HAVE TO gow in the Ahmbulance kieddd”

  • AfricaZK

    Great day

  • Devante

    Ayo @Deez we didn’t ask you any of that shit…

  • eyes lower than shyne record sales

    smh i knew dudes would start makin fucked up comments i dont fuck with lil wayne anymore but i wouldnt wish him to have seizures that shit can end peoples lives

  • M. Black

    I really hope he dies, I would kill him myself


  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    too much syrup

  • Kobe

    Wow you niggas wishing death on another like life doesn’t mean anything. Careful of what you say, karma will bite you in the ass and you won’t even know what to make of it.

  • tazz

    Pour up, drank, head shot, drank
    Sit down, drank, stand up, drank
    Pass out, drank, wake up, drank
    Faded, drank, faded, drank

  • LO

    get well weezy the game needs you

  • DMVinyourchick

    ^^^^^lol I do wish him a speedy recovery but no the game does not need him

  • proud muslim

    life is just test for humans, the winner who believe in allah and his prophets .
    you have money houses cars fans girls kids but you have no life.
    all money do you have ,but you can’t buy health and your life.

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    Coke + Molly + “Purple Drank” = Seizure like symptoms.

  • County Of Kings

    i hope he makes a full recovery and just loses his voice.

    but seriously rick ross, and i believe pimp c died from symptoms of watever the fuck he was abusing
    come on hiphop, we always compare ourselves to the rock n roll crowd, all the drugs they did they still living and touring for hard core fans, we cant be the ones to OD on the stuff.

    seriously tho i hope he makes it thru cuz i dont wanna hear no muthafucka talkin bout pac, biggie, lil wayne in the same fuckin universe

  • The game needs weezy !!!
    Hes only 1 out if 3 legends thats crossover to pop and hiphop effortlessly
    Wayne,em kanye

  • JustMyOpinion

    I notice people on here use the just used different names to double post. What’s up with that?

  • but ayo @devante did i ask you whether you asked me?? na so shut the fuck up…just cuz its outta sight doesnt always mean it should be outta mind…

  • ameriboy

    illuminati comin to repo that soul

  • the brain trust

    Comments on here go from disturbing to downright ridiculous.

    Hope Wayne’s alright.

  • Donn

    Hope the homie feels better, his music has nothing to do with his health. U don’t like a persons music, cool, but to wish him harm, karma is a bitch. If u don’t like his music, no one is forcing u to listen, u dudes is crazy. I don’t like Lil B or Chief Keef so I just don’t listen to their music. Simple as that

  • TheCool

    I can’t believe some of you b. Negative ass people. That’s why you’re sitting behind a computer screen talking shit, while other people are making millions.

    I don’t give two shits about Waynes music, actually, I almost hate it, but you shouldn’t wish death on someone. Music and a life are two different things.

    But yeh, I hope he gets better. And hopefully some day stops making bad music jaja.

  • TheGoodSon

    He just spazzin cause he cant handle that GKMC and the fact that REAL hip hop is back makin him die….hahaha

  • toronto

    same thing that happpened to ross when his singles wernt buzzin enough. expect hiis album to be pushed backk shortly

  • this is 50

    something dont seem right…….. illuminati

  • .

    Ah Weezy, always shaking things up with his wacky self

  • Stoner Logic

    if kendrick lamar was in the hospital, yall would be on his dick

  • lody Mack

    Sounds like Ross part 2..

  • M.T

    hopefully wayne gets better.

  • Black Shady


    get better son

  • RealN3groMakin$sense

    @Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman : “Coke + Molly +

  • Real Talk

    Take this nigga to rehab ASAP!

  • HA

    Yall do realize on Probation you cant use drugs

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Of course he is using DRUGS. Wack Weezy reps say he didnt have a 2nd Seizure. He did they dont want to raise any red flags with his probation people.

  • TheTruthIs…

    First he tires to be a rapper…Then he tries to be a blood…Then he tries to be a skater…Now he’s trying to be Rick Ross?!…Get an identity

  • forrealtho

    Fucked up, hope he makes a full recovery. Smh anyone wishing death on another human being in this thread is the worsttt

  • Ya Bish

    Kendrick got these niggas stressed. I bet he pushes the album back because of this. Coincidence? Ha!!!!

  • ?


    No now he’s trying to be an earthquake

  • Rozay

    Yall some cold blooded MOFO’s, just because his music sucks doesn’t give you to joke about a niggas health, what if it was you or somebody in your family, wouldn’t be funny then would it?

  • Rozay

    the right.

  • Cz

    Id feel way more sympathetic if I wasn’t like 90% sure that his “seizures” were drug induced. Someone mentioned epilepsy and how horrible it is, this is very true, my best friend has it and I’ve been there when he’s gone into an episode, it’s pretty scary. But lil wayne doesn’t have epilepsy, he has a drug addiction. Here’s to hoping he doesn’t die, realizes that drugs are not only killing his career, but also himself and he makes some changes.

  • Larha

    TMZ always beat RR when it comes to news.


    RR need more people.

  • MXL

    Dude said “rehospitalized.” We gotta do better.

  • JWhistles

    Homie been scootin so long he forgot how to break it down. Po-Rubbas.

    JWhis approved

  • j

    drugs suck

    get gelp Wayne

  • depinga

    Wayne makes the best music when hes on X, purp and some acid stamps.. bring that carter 2 and 3 back… niga sounds bored …. funny though.. if he would have overdosed and died a couple months after the carter 3..when he was considered one of the hottest.. i bet hip hop would have him in top 10 as a legend….death would have elevated his resume ..not as much as pac or big.. but close ….even though he aint pac or big… not near… but hey.. pac and big died at the right time….. never saw there demise… like we did DMX……. what am i saying?? ohh shit… thats a long paragraph.. ahhh.. i love heroin… hip hop is back… kendrick, j cole, mgk, yelawolf… new breed

  • PistolPistol

    Get a life
    Ficking crackheads !!!

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