• Ghost


  • Truth.

    can y’all please just read the first 2 sentences. tell me how in the actual fuck this nigga got a job as a so called “journalist” and can’t put a proper sentence together. a damn shame

  • Truth.

    before he tries to correct it:

    “Meek has a long way ago. But according to him, he’s already at there.” -Big Illiterate Homie

  • Catalyst

    Legend! Smh -_-… Loser!
    Expected much more from Meek n his debut album.. One could guess the wrong direction once Young & Gettin It wus released.. Lay Up is another weak song with rozay Trey n wale… Tony story 2 is average! In god we trust is another lame record.. Real Niggas come first, just okay… Young kings is nothin special, rich and famous is kinda okay too, it’s like average quality, n average records there… However the good records, Maybach Curtains, Intro, Who Your Around and the album’s Standout Track, “Traumatized”… I hoped for tracks like traumatized to be on album! But it wasn’t to be!
    It’s like a 3-3.5 rated album at max..

    Kendrick’s no legend too, but he knows what gets an artist to that level n he has shown signs that he will b a legend sooner than anybody else! Meek has to learn! Gettin thumbs up from Nas n Jay dun make u a legend! N plus half of those tracks he played to Em werent even on the album! Disappointing is, ‘weak Meek’!

  • Stoner Logic

    Why he gotta be delusional? The niqqa is saying what he feel

  • Ghost

    Saying what you feel has nothing to do with being delusional. All delusional people say what they feel.

  • #RealTalk

    Legendary is when you sell good records consistently. You sir sell straight garbage and label it as “fire.” How about you go cop that Kendrick album and take notes.


    this album needed more story telling and dark tracks like Tramautized. how you put club bangers on an album titled Dreams & Nightmares?

  • Rozay

    Dreamchaser 2 better than Dreams and Nightmares, hate to say but Meek Mill is fly by night and wont last, Big Sean has more potential than Meek because he gets it and Meek doesn’t, Wale last album was better than this shit.

  • Amen

    Love the album. It had a bot of everything on it. It was way better than I expected.