• wtf

    this is kinda fucked up cause i doubt when 9th or buckshot were comin up tryna do their thing they would want people they look up to to tell them to not go after their dreams and shit lmao smh

  • DonDodda

    Ture story! Alot of kats should listen close and find something else to do (like go play in traffic)
    Dope record keep true hiphop ALIVE~

  • Steez P

    this that goood therapudic music

  • ameriboy

    these niggaz back at it with that real shit.. I cant wait to cop

  • Mike smiff

    I hear the retirement bells for buckshot…


    blah…heard it 2 weeks ago on shade 45..thought it was sum nu niggaz…its a old nigga tellin nu niggaz not to rap..wholetime..it sounds more like complaints that buckshot cant sell…which is bothersome cus im a black moon fan…but hey..get in where u fit in and sass who u kno cant fight back!