• Dashing

    Now THAT would be dope.

    Make it primarily Kanye/Qtip. Throw on Common and Mos Def. Sprinkle in some Cyhi and a little Pusha T and John Legend.

    Add some features from Kendrick Lamar, Lupe and J Cole

    Absolutely NO 2 Chainz and NO Big Sean.

    And they might actually make a G.O.O.D album that gets bumped for longer than a week.

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    @Dashing remove Cyhi from that list & i’ll cop, instant classic

  • Peekay

    Kanye & Q-Tip primarily. Great! Add Common to that and I’d be happy.

    Like what Dashing suggests.

  • daffysci

    All he says is that Kanye and Qtip are making the decisions on that… Not that kanye and qtip are going to be the main ones on it

  • Christian

    I fuck with pusha heavy genuine dude, even better rapper…

  • Dashing

    Add one CRS track and that would be bananas.

    @Your mother’s “friend” Cyhi can rap his ass off as a feature artist

    Kanye, Q-Tip, Just Blaze, NO ID, DJ Khalil, DJ Premier, Hi-Tek

  • AK47

    pusha t is wack..his raps dont match up when u see him in person…fraud alert

  • Safe Dwade

    I just can’t wait for a GOOD Fall so these Nigs can shut the fuck up and I can stop reading GOOD Music posts I fucks with West Coast primarily >

  • bravado

    ^^^ GOOD music singles>> GOOD kid singles, ….#justsayin.

    but kendricks album is tough tho

  • daffysci

    ^whats the point bringing up kendrick in this post?

  • Devante

    I say next time 15 tracks, Kanye should do what Ross does and play the background and let everyone else showcase their talents. More Cyhi,Mos and Common also

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