Drake High School Graduation Speech

Before making it big in hip-hop, Drake dropped out of high school. So after months of hitting the books, he recently received his diploma. Here’s video of him delivering a graduation speech from Jarvis C.I. in Toronto.

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  • RD

    Nigga just sit down!!

  • wale

    why the fuck when your rich and famous with millions upon millions of dollars in the bank with numerous woman all over you , would you go back to school? its beyond me

  • Gee

    @wale knowledge is power, sir. You obviously lack it.

  • RealWalkieTalkie

    It’s fine for him to have gotten his diploma, but having done so at 25 is not something to give a speech about, especially to a group of impressionable teens. Drake is not a good role model for the youth of our nation…….No Lie.

  • ilacoin

    Congrats to Aubrey! Education is key to fulfillment.

  • pookie

    the speech was corny and unnecessary.

  • jl

    High school??? Go to college then people will be impressed

  • Rozay

    Long winded ass nigga gave a Presidential address.

  • Safe Dwade


  • Kenny’s Dominos

    I’m impressed, no weird hand gestures throughout the entire speech

  • Kemosabi

    Money will disappear if that’s all you have, you still need an education otherwise educated people will take everything from you. Didn’t anyone see that ESPN 30/30 special this week?
    And oh ya… TORONTO!!!!


    attention whore

  • ECU

    “Before making it big in hip-hop, Drake dropped out of high school.” did you forget abot his acting



  • Black Shady

    more props to you Drake…but we’re still talkin about HS……….

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Congrats to the singer.

  • M.T

    nice speech. congrats to drake.

  • Stoner Logic

    Half of these niqqas commenting don’t have diplomas, I bet money on that

  • Congrats?

    I applaud dude for accomplishing something that is obviously important to him. But to u people who are saying knowledge is power, do you really think he got significantly smarter over the past few months and to Kemosabi if his money disappears do you think his High School Diploma is going to help him get that 20+ million back. There’s plenty of smart rich athletes with no certificate that doc just displayed some irresponsible ones.

  • Kemosabi

    @congrats? No I don’t think he is now significantly smarter now but I know the feeling of accomplishing goals. It’s ever better when you have to go back sometimes because that means that much more. It is a peice of paper, you’re right about that but it’s a peice of paper more youth go without than there are with especially in the minority category. And I’d almost argue that doc was almost light dog, the number of athletes that make millions and than go broke are insane. And a lot of the reason is because they lack the self confidence in there intelligence to do something as simple as monitor there own money so they get jerked by “there help”. So ya that paper does say something IMO


    Wait, Drake didn`t graduate High School?! I mean he’s just graduated now! How do people not graduate HS nowadays, you just need to show up

  • Do right and kill everything

    Imagine waka flockas grad speech. “Ahha yeah haha school good manye. Ahhhh uhmmmmn yeah”


  • T

    fuck drake

  • Congrats?

    @Kemosabi I respect ur opinion alot man, and everything u say is completely true, most importantly he confidence in there intelligence but their HS diplomas didnt save them. But IMO this is like sprinkles on icing on a wedding cake for him.

  • Kemosabi

    @congrats? I feel you there some merit in what you’re saying to. There’s not really a right or wrong IMO i think it’s dope just to see people with there own opinions.