• Donn

    Damn, I got one of them songs in my iPod. RIP

  • pp


  • Stoner Logic

    R.I.P I guess

  • veesky

    So freaking sad. Heard about this earlier…a hit and run at that? God have mercy on the driver’s soul. I still remember Blaque and of course when Kurupt and her were together. R.I.P.

  • Safe Dwade


  • M.T


  • bry from boston

    It wasn’t a hit & run^^^^^. The driver called 911 right afterwards & is not facing charges… That’s awful she was a beautiful woman. I was gonna say she’s not fake like the rest of them then i noticed her blonde weave, still rip. I feel bad for Kurtupt young gotti & their son.

  • Crackrock

    Damh her and left eye died in a similar fashion…

  • Dsunn

    666 park avenue. You connect the dots smart aleck. I got bigger fish to fry

  • IIG

    Sad stuff… RIP.

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    R.I.P! Damn hearing her groups name takes me back

  • mike


  • mdma

    thats really sad, spooky and eerie, i know it sounds messed up but it seems like theres some correlation between left eyes death and natina’s. RIP i grew up with these ladies music, just sad how both blaque and tlc are missing that spunky vibrant rap energy member. i dunno it just seems oddly eerie, doesnt sit right with me. Rest in Peace

  • Thats real sad. My condolences to her son & family and hold ya head Kurupt, your son needs you more than ever now.


  • JAY-B

    This shit is f*up I was just watching her video the other day the one with Kurupt “it’s Over” and I was thinking to my self…damn shorty cute with a booty…. Life is a TRIP not a Destination. RIP

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