• Cruel Thing

    It was eh but at least it was off the top of his head and not written.

  • TheTruthIs…

    There was a time when rappers could actually rap…Didn’t matter where…Or when…Freestyle was easy and a part of the game…All these new mother fuckers is frauds…Can’t rap unless they write it down and change it 5 times

  • Obama

    New niggas can’t rap for shit… sad…

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    thought it was pretty good, sad rappers nowadays cant freestyle off the dome longer than a minute, if freestyle off the dome at all. good ole’ em and royce can go on for days

  • TheTruthIs…

    I should have also added…Peep that video of Will Smith kicking a free…He isn’t even relevant in the game and he spits a free better than these guys who only rap…smh

  • D Twice

    The beginning reminds me of that Chappelle show skit. hahahahaha

  • Black Shady

    battle rappers are the REAL talented ones!!! go watch some battles on youtube….niggas ADAPT during the battle and freestyle off what the opponent said. THIS IS TALENT!

  • mike

    time is up ASAP!!