New Video: Meek Mill x Kirko Bangz “Young & Gettin’ It”

From the yacht to the crap tables, Meek Mill and Kirko Bangz are ballin’ out of control in their brand new video. Directed by Dre Films.

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  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    As a person whose not a hardcore fan of Meek Mill and never checked out a full Meek Mill CD til recently, his album is actually alright, not worth a buy for me, be he does have some bangers!… But as for this song in particular… Miss me.

  • matrix

    This one of the only joints i dont like on this nigg album…its growin on me tho…but overall the album is solid this should definitely not be no single tho…the joint with mary j or even maybach curtains would have been betta…

  • Belize

    this song is trash

  • The Other P

    Attn Meek Mill: Autotune is Not your friend.

  • Good lovvv

  • T-dub

    this song is ridiculous. The hook contradicts itself. First you want to get money and bitches, but you say you just want the money forget the bitches? WTF? Which is it? Dumbass rappers haha

  • prime dawg

    i like the single, i still can’t believe meek used a fuckin auto tune on the song

  • GReat music

    aint dj burnone did a remix

  • JustMyOpinion

    This song is TERRIBLE. I thought the rap world understood auto-tune was out the door. And why are people acting like Kirko Bangz AND Future aren’t T-Pain reincarnated? Personally, I never been a fan of auto-tune its ANNOYING, sound like scratching a board with your nails.

  • Joe Budden

    I’m sleep tho.

  • LO

    wack song doa remix jay-z we need that

  • A$VP J-MAC

    This song will grow on everybody in about a month watch its gonna playing everyday

  • g2g mafia

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  • bumpy johnson

    it’s dope ……..

  • Ya Bish!

    Can’t front. I like his album. Better than I expected. With that said…. Back to that GKMC.

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