Will Smith & Doug E. Fresh Perform In Miami

Gabrielle Union’s 40th bday party got a surprise of its own last night when Big Willie and Dougie hit the mic for a freestyle. Afterward, Will performed “Summertime” and The Fresh Prince theme song.

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  • Dubayu2

    This was dope.


  • eyes lower than shyne record sales

    Will goin harder than ya favourite rapper! step ya game up

  • Mike B

    will smith was my childhood idol lol…looked like great fun

  • JustMyOpinion

    Gentlemen – This is how we define “classic” and “legendary” over a decade and a half and their relevancy remains. #greatmusic

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  • Nickey Negrito

    Kill the DJ because that bitch killed the vibe.

    The energy was rising and he dropped it.

    Still, classic performance from 2 hip hop legends

    Will ready to get back now. I bet he went to sleep thinking bout that shit….lol

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Wish i was there i only live only 40 mins away. Will Smith and Doug E. Fresh are hip hop legends. No overhyping, No meaningless press conferences. Just Hip Hop Talent.

  • Nickey Black

    @ZoomZoom, I agree. Thats the true feeling of hip hop. Non-forced fun.

    Oan: Gabby Union got 10yrs on Wade. Brother got him a baby Cougar

  • big willie still got it

  • Tbones

    Wow, this is some fun shit. Shout out to them hip hop legends. I doubt these hip hop stars of nowadays will be this timeless in years to come.

  • Crack-Spitter

    Ha, I bet he was really drunk.

  • the void

    i dont get how will smith is a hip hop legend. even as a youngster i thought that dude was corny.

  • Kobe

    Damn! Gabrielle Union is 40 years old????

  • Crew Love

    D O P E !!

  • D Twice

    Will Smith is a Legend and an American Icon but come on if I ranked him on an all time rapper list he’d be lucky to be in the top 40.

  • OVO!

    I’m getting ready for a effing sandy and they in MIA singing summertime? Fuck dat Im hatin!

  • If anyone says this right here was wack.. you definitely don’t respect REAL hip-hop!!!

  • Yeezus Christ

    how is will smith a hiphop legend you ask? well big willie style his debut album is 7x platinum

  • Mushapata

    Now, that’s what I call Hip-Hop music not what these so called thug rappers do.

  • That was dope…nice to see Fresh Fresh and Dougie Fresh put it down… And for you young dick riders that don’t understand shit that’s classic…Fresh Fresh is a legend; for he’s an originated of a lot of shit…. He’s in hollywood now, but if so offered ya sorry ass 20 mill for a movie you’d do it to…he’s doing his job…taking his family, hip hop culture and other important cultural things to new levels.. He wasn’t the greatest rapper in his era 1986-1993 (Fresh Prince), but Summer Time, Brand New Funk, Girls are nothing but trouble and a few more our classics…. if you don’t know the history, don’t blog or respond…just shut the fuck up and keep hyping EM, Drake and all that other BS you hype up… Go Will.. Go Dougie

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  • JReezy

    The Fresh Prince went in