• E-Bonics

    why do you post these things that are hurting hip-hop?

  • sunn

    this aint hurting hip hop you bozo

  • Kali

    quantity over quality as usual


    Please ebonics, explain how this is possibly hurting hip hop. EVERYONE, LIL B HAS A STYLE “SUNN” DOESN’T LIKE SO IT MUST BE HURTING HIP HOP. There’s is enough variations of hip hop for everyone, listen to what you like… and ignore what you don’t. Fuck boy.


    I mean’t “E-Bonics”… not “Sunn”. My bad g.

  • 3000


  • The Wise

    stumbling into this album is like picking up an baby an finding out it took a big SHITTT on U!..i swear this dude makes soulja boy look Good! ..hes off beat no substance im white an i say this, based off wha ive seen white kids in the burbs are the only douches listening to this!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Meek’s Dreams and Nightmares < Lil B Halloween H20.

  • Marcus

    maybe if you actually listen to the mixtape you’ll see that clearly this is party music for the most part (possibly for a HALLOWEEN PARTY I’m not sure lol). Lil B is clearly the best rapper out right now he can troll a mixtape like this and still be better than your favorite artist lol.

  • DJ Game

    garbage. and if you like this, then you’re the reason why this is even allowed to be called music these days.

  • AliX

    why dose he got jasons mask on a cover called Halloween H20 (wich was a crappy halloween movie TBH) is the album as bad as that movie

  • Tiki51

    Another instant classic from the Based God himself. Anyone dissing on lil b probably thinks lil Wayne and mac miller are good, and they just can’t accept that lil b is the rawest rapper out there. TYBG!!!

  • based god saved my life and he keeps me thinking positive thoughts. this man is making history

  • Pusha T needs to get on that ‘Problems In These Streets’ on some Exodus part 2 shit. Powerful as fuck, TYBG

  • Task Force

    Another amazing mixtape from lil b! his positive message is the best in rap period.




  • HzD

    That’s what I hate about these faggots…
    If it was Soulja boy singin the same bullshit that this lil b put out, yall would not even listen…
    Stop talking about he’s “god” or autentic, this is garbage…
    Nothing will never change it, hipsters!

  • aro

    FOR REAL MUSIC! VISIT soundcloud/damirbalo this kid gets bizzzy


    yo this niggga lil b is trash son

  • Kilt

    I respect his hustle, get your money. But dude is garbage.

  • floridaboy

    i thought rap radar was done with lil b posts smh

  • young Based God got it right a few comments ago. Same here Fam, Same here

  • Seriously

    I promise you there’s gotta be some sort of subliminal messages in these songs that have these kids brainwashed into thinking it’s dope. Anyone who listens to this and thinks it has ANY value has to be mentally handicapped if not. Just turn your tunes down before you park close to the store so I don’t have to walk by your v and hear you bumping this garbage. All of his fans are just idiot kids who will follow anything their friends tell them is hot. You all need a father in your life. Parents be there for your kids or they will turn out to be Lil B fans…..something to consider.



    This doesn’t sound like what I think “hip hop is supposed to sound like”… than it SUCKS! Lol get over yourself. Just because you can’t wrap your head around it, doesn’t mean it’s garbage.

  • Seriously

    ^^^^^Case in point. Get a grip, kiddo. You really think there’s substance to this trash? You really think you have some sort of higher understanding that escapes the rest of us that allows you to pull some deeper meaning from such great tracks as “hoez on my d!k cuz I look like Jesus”? lol @ you buddy. Lost, you are. Brainwashed. Dead.


    NO ONE SAID ANYTHING ABOUT HIGHER MEANING. Don’t put words in my mouth fag. Lil B doesn’t rap like Meek Mill… that to you means it’s garbage… that to me means it’s different… that to me means I listen to and appreciate it in different ways.

    Grow up and learn to accept things you may not understand.

  • Seriously

    Ouch, don’t hurt my feelings with your name calling. Yeah I’m a fag all day, sure. Big deal. So is (by his own admission) Lil B. Your favorite “rapper”. So I will just take that to mean you think I’m dope. Thank you. Anyway, did I mention Meek Mill at all? Nope. Who’s putting words in who’s mouth now? C’mon son. I’m not even a fan of Meek Mill but I would certainly agree his worst track is head and shoulders above anything Lil B has released in his short lifetime. Do you think that it’s a coincidence that Lil B is atop everyone’s “Top 10 Worst Rapper” lists? If so, you must believe you see some higher level meaning in that garbage because you are under the impression that everyone else just “doesn’t understand it” when you, somehow, do. The fact is, there’s nothing to his music. Lil B is definitely different from most in the rap game in that in all of his songs are pure trash and he’s cool with it because his brainwashed fans like yourself eat it up. Different isn’t always good. Lil B is PURE gimmick. He makes this trash because he knows people will talk about how terrible it is. It’s not even about comparing him to other hip hop artists. Other rappers are actually trying to make good music, Lil B is just trying to be on the radar (no pun) regardless of how he is portrayed because he seems to feel all publicity is good publicity. And I suppose when dealing with the easily-swayed, like yourself, he’s right. Lil B in rap is like Quagmire (giggity) in a room full of chicks, at least ONE of em’ is gonna be dumb enough to fall for his line. You, my friend, are that chick. You don’t even have to be a fan of hip-hop to know that what your idol, Lil B, is putting out is pure trash. Babbling over half-assed production with no real rhyming ability? Enjoy. Lil B just perpetuates the stereotype of “ignorant black youth”, which not only hurts our culture by influencing our impressionable youth, but gives others an example to point to when referring to said ignorance to justify their racist feelings. It’s not just about you trying to put on your hipster image. Just realize that listening to Lil B doesn’t make you “different” or part of some select group of elite hipsters destined to rule hip-hop. You’re, sadly, just another stan who’s only hope in life is to have a slim chance that Lil B will come by your town one day and smash your girlfriend on your mom’s sofa. I know there’s no convincing you because Lil B already has a firm grip on what few brain cells remain in your skull after listening to his music over countless hours. I just hope you wake up someday lil’ buddy. Now that you’ve gotten this work, go listen to more Lil B. I’m not your parents but you can’t say I don’t care. Good luck out there, kiddo. Holla