• dumb niggas these days

    can this nigga make a song by himself anymore? always hella features for son

  • D!A!E!

    This sounds so original!!!!!

  • youthi

    one of yall need to make a mill an sign http://www.soundcloud.com/Love_At_First_Sound/amazing to a label.

  • This track is trying REALLY hard to be relevant

  • IamRealTalk (Now That GFID is 2 Times Platinum…My Job is Done! ) ( Now Go Out and Support Kendrick Lamar October 22nd !!! )



  • Carlito R

    I like French Montana but I guess his “gimmick” is to always be either a guest on other peoples song or to have a bunch of guesses on his own song. I can’t honestly remember hearing a record with just French. I hope his “solo” album has at least one song on it where its just him rapping by himself.

  • Stoner Logic

    MBDTF had a shit load of features, no one was complaining then, some hip hop fans are the biggest bitches, complain about everything sMh

  • Skinny Moe

    Surprised he used ASAP instead of Drake. I got so used to hearing Weezy, Drake and French together on everything. I guess Joe wanted to be “different”. I wont be surprised if there’s a remix coming with Rick Ross and Drake on it.

  • maad city


  • Devante

    Damn what happened to that Dark Side 1 & 2 shit… This nigga got wack again smh

  • Castro No Go

    ^^^^^^^^ Stoner Logic. Yeah you’re right we weren’t complaining about all the features BACK THEN but when something starts to get done over and over and over and over we do start to bitch. Sorry.

  • I l3ang ur sis

    Wayne killed the hook!!

  • poetic assasin

    @ skinny moe, I was just sayin to myself I guess he used Asap instead of Ross lmao —

  • HOVA

    @Wayne killed the hook!!

    This sounds like everything they be playing on the radio.

  • T

    Bad, worse, worst, this song.


    this is like a harder version of Pop That, Drake would of been great on here instead of Asap

  • recordpusher

    rap music turned bad…

  • Midsize Jerm

    Those Weezy hooks all sounds the same anymore…rushed. Joey and A$AP both had nice verses, but overall the song is weak. Half the song is in reference to other songs. The beat is pretty hot, but by the end it’s tiresome….Frenchie’s verse was entirely pointless, the song would have been better without it, or another verse from Joe….it’s not really Joe’s song as it stands, just another posse cut from a bunch of dudes from various different posse’s.


  • Yeezus Christ

    lol this shit is embarrassing and when are these wack ass producers gonna stop using the same fucking drums and drum patterns smh lex luger jackin mothafuckas

  • Yeezus Christ

    i’ve heard 100 beats that sound exactly like this fucking wack ass beat makers cuz they aint worthy of being called a producer

  • Yeezus Christ

    fat joe aint shit without scott storch and cool & dre

  • Slim Baller


  • G.O.O.D.BoySwag

    After listening to GKMC I can’t stand this shit. @Stoner logic, first thing don’t ever compare a fat joe album to a kanye album. And maybe we weren’t mad about the features cuz most of them were worth it. Not wayne, ASAP, and French. Ye’ had hov, Raekwon, Rza, pusha t, john legend, etc., Soo next time you listen to music and want to comment on it, don’t be so stoned

  • Jaymalls

    The producers took the drop from the “I Don’t Like” remix n put it in the beat along with the snare roll!

    @Stoner Logic
    MBDTF had a gang of features on it, but they were all for layers (VOX) not every song had a 16 bar verse from a featured artist like a Fat Jae, French Montanna, A$AP Rocky, Lil Wayne and Rick Ross song!
    “All Of The Lights” had like 15 guest features but if you didn’t read the credits, you would not know! That’s called great mixing, great vocal arrangement… Materfact it’s called perfection!

  • the void

    french montanas line up is fucked up.

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    least lil wayne sounds liek hes rapping a little more normal again, normal for him anyways


    french got the best verse on here wavy niggas on the rise… bitch

  • cheeeese

    next song – Fat joe ft young jeezy, chief keef, 2 chainz , future, kendrick lamar, drake,

  • Slim Baller

    Fuck kanye . He’s so fucking cocky and annoying

  • meezy

    exactly the same as pop that. fuck that shit.

  • floridaboy


  • so all it takes to make a good song is having asap rocky, lil wayne, and french montana on the track??

  • Streeter

    Another Round was the last hit.. this nigga better link back up with Chris brown and that producer lmfao go home joe !

  • Me

    Ye wasn’t even on All of the Lights remix instead it was Cole, Wayne, Drake, & Big Sean so y’all complaining MF shut up no one is making u listen

  • What I am glad to see reading the comments is that ppl are just sick and tired of this shit … this MMG/DJ Khalid era with the Same beat, same flow, same features, lots of features, same lyrics, same hooks has 1year left in hip hop after that no1 will be checkin for them.

    its so rediculous that if you were to release these MMG/Khalid era songs, leave out who the song belongs to and just list the rappers on it that no one and i mean no one would tell you who the song belongs to.
    Retarded rappers like 2 Chainz, Montana and Gunplay are getting features and releasing cd SMH while the likes of Cory Gunz and Nipsey Hussle’s are not getting a look in SMH.

    Its actually not even rediculous anymore its now become laughable


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  • Jaymalls

    ^^ Ya MOMS… She Put It On Me! ^^

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  • No Idols

    LMAO Dead ^^^^
    Nice comeback [email protected]
    Take the loss RIGHT NOW

  • bitch.bad.woman.good

    hahah a$ap just stole that joey bada$$ line from gambino on the bet cypher

    what’s wrong with them niggas, rocky sounded like he didn’t give a fuck what to say on this joint, repeats prior lines an shit,

    french is whack as always, weezy is afraid of adding bars , does the hook instead

  • young
  • Naw… this is not good. I fucks with Joe, but this is some 12 year old same sounding shit.


    Every one of these niggas is terrible

  • YoSon

    Devante says:
    Monday, October 29 2012 at 4:13 PM EST

    Damn what happened to that Dark Side 1 & 2 shit