New Video: Loaded Lux “Santino”

Leave it up to Lux to teach you wannabe rappers a thing or two. With that said, here’s his new visual taken from his Beloved LP. Get it now.

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  • Nickey Black

    Saw this video weeks ago. I love the song. Lux is my new favorite rapper. The recent battle was historic and Lux is clearly working.

    LET ME WORK ~ Lux

  • esiwkniht

    i Like this Lux ……RESPECT!!

  • JustMyOpinion

    Nothing to do with this post………..but RR thanks for holding us down thru Hurricane Sandy.

  • Now this that shit, definitely the dopest joint I ever heard from a url/smack nigga

  • kisandka

    Love this song, Lux is dope period. Battles, songs, mixtapes I’m checking for him.

  • TheTruthIs…

    This that shit


    I really like this strongly

  • vurbz

    Dope song..he’s a need a better quality video…all those celebs shouting him out..thats great and all but come on…thats not enough..put some money behind this dude so that he can give his project some quality , cause this dude has talent

  • Anon DCPL

    this shit bangs!! I am looking forward to his shit. I like how he’s on his own shit, seeing as all these other NY niggas biting other region sounds.


  • Anon DCPL

    the first 16 are HARSH my nigga

  • Marv

    Its good to see a battle rapper make a actual good song because alot of these battle rappers can’t, Lux is on fire right now so immma need to check for him more often ….. follow me on twitter @MAB_203

  • Truth Will Out

    Fcuking Horrible. The hell is with ya’ll.

  • Nickey Black

    Out of 12 comments, 1 asshole dislikes the song, and then ask us “the hell is wit yall!” Nigga, what the hell is with [email protected]

  • kizzy

    nah man ….. lux has actually got it possible …probable ny king in the making ….. im not sure if he should sign ….he just needs more dope rap songs …

  • onenutned

    niggas tryna revive boom-bap…..It’s much needed so good shit luxx

  • Showboat

    I agree with Anon. First 16 was mean. The rest . . . .meh

  • Fubu

    this sounds like Dr. Dre production…