Sean Price’s Hurricane Sandy Report

Reporting live at Carnarsie Pier in Brooklyn, Sean Price weathers the storm to give us an update. Stores may be closed tomorrow, so cop Mic Tyson

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  • mike

    P!… the fucking album

  • M Gar

    I thought I couldn’t be anymore hype for this album as I was 5 minutes ago but after this… “duck down, we don’t bullshit” HA!

  • this was cool and all but forreal its not even a laughing matter, so many pples shit got fucked up, dudes is doing laps in they bedroom right now..



  • DJ Game

    lost my car and my home. still have my family. I don’t care about anything else.

  • And just like that… I became a fan of Sean Price.

  • My pops put me on BCC and the whole Duckdown yrs ago.
    Brooklyn we go HARD!

  • Trillionaire


  • Power

    @ Buggin Out! You aint become no damn a follower

  • Shaolin What

    aight I see you ma G. yo buggin out go get yaself the album then put that shit on full blast haha call yaself a fan after that son. Peace im out. One

  • Shaolin What

    And shouts to the 5 borrows. staten island. the Wu. n all that. shouts to port richmond ,catherine street. and shouts to price im gettin that hard copy tommorow no doubt and im laughin at all them sucka’s with out it. and shouts to hot 97 every station in ma car tuned in all 6 of em. peace ! One.