• youthi

    thisis dope. tito nice. when yall gon have http://www.soundcloud.com/Love_At_First_Sound/amazing on the show sway?

  • Rj6942

    why is someones mom a host of this show?? can’t find anyone better sway??

  • bitch.bad.woman.good

    nice.. but frankly he ain’t eatin ..

  • cj

    Tito has been dope for a very long time. I have never understood backhanded compliments… if it’s dope… so be it… I have no idea what “he ain’t eatin” means or why it was relevant… but overall the shit was undeniably dope… and it is my hope that for the sake of hip hop cats like him do get a place at the table… and I agree with Sway… top 10 mc right now… excluding nobody.