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Chucks pulls up a chair with Beats TV and speaks on today’s West Coast music particularly Kendrick Lamar. He also discusses, Jesus Piece, which he mentions will feature J.Cole along with a slew of other guests.

Sidebar: MTV interview

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  • Game + J. Cole = Classic!!!

  • Agree

  • ralph

    I’m glad that he is working with J. Cole, but damn how many features is this guy going to have on his album??


    ^ 3 per track

  • Louie Gates

    He never disappoints when it comes to an album!

  • GlassesMalone

    Man, I hate people hating on this guy, Game has been consistant, doesn’t matter how many features or who he is name dropping, he has his own style and runs with it. At the end of the day Game is good for hip hop, hate it or love it.

  • Black Shady

    this nigga mentionned AT LEAST 25 artists so far on Jesus Piece…..



    Jesus Piece gonna be a solid album, hate the man or not he can make a classic album if he wants to.

  • Everyone mentions game and features
    Yet jeezys last album had 1 more feature then games red
    Weezys carter 4 had just as many as red Album
    Meek millz album that just dropped he has around ten features yet people love ti bribg up game smh
    All game does is make classics! Plz stop the hatred

  • Lakers

    We$t Coa$t Bitches. Game all day.

  • NovaKaine

    Game really love hip hop thats why he is the way he is

  • lick da kat


  • Mike Jones

    This shit will get NO play in my ride!!

  • Kobe

    Y’all left out Rick Ross, name a solo hit by Rick Ross since hustlin, they called his ass out on it here and he releases hold me back which was pretty much a remake of that wale and meek song. R.e.d album was one of last year’s best! Foh with the hate

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    FIF made Game now look at him he is just a bum. I thought Game said his next album would have “No Features”.

  • g2g mafia

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  • this is 50

    looks like he finally took his pills.

  • Louie Gates

    Fif made Game but Game still went platinum after G-Unit fell from grace. 50 can’t even go gold lol

  • CJF

    i swear he said no features on this album???? i wanna hear game, thats why i but his music, not a dj khaled album …