• Mic Tyson is dope

  • Kool D Rap

    dope shit, jeezy, dont fuck up gibbs career! youre going to lose a fan!

  • Kill

    Mic Tyson is the best gangsta rap album since GRODT.

    “Mother made you, mother had you, but motherfuck you.”
    “These rap niggas wack, Ruck, call ’em out!” “Everybody wack except me, fuck is you talking ’bout?”
    “Your bark better than your bite. Yeah I bark, but I’m better when I fight.”
    “P! Non-violence is not weakness… not beatin’ your bitch ass bloody is not easy.”
    “The best rapper, the worst rapper, the sket clapper, the purse snatcher, the neck snapper, the Earth slapper… this is your man Sean, the opposite of a fuckin’ Duran Duran song.”

  • LoverofHipHop

    I don’t know man…Gibbs just doesn’t do it for me. I try to still be a fan and all but somehow that spark that he once had is now lackluster and shines through only every once in a while.

    Always been a P! fan tho, going to check this joint out.

  • j

    ^^ you musta not heard “Stay Down” from BFK…hater

  • Gibbs hoe

    Gibbs is for real the most versatile in the game…he can do a song wit Jeezy, then kill a Madlib track, come back n murder a track for Lil Reese n then fuck with a real ass dude like Sean P. Not to mention the songs hes done with Hot As the Sun and ZZ Ward on some extremely left field shit. Gibbs got the whole package man. Baby Face is still in rotation and will be for a hot minute

  • DuckDownEntaprize

    THis is HipHop.. GO Copp #MICTYSON

  • steezplati

    gottt damnnn thiss iss so damn puree

  • Shaolin What

    ya this joint is what good. ima buy that hard copy no doubt. show the real dudes support …And I aint a hateful dude ya know what I mean but I the same time I am cuz i hate them corney ass industry sucka’s. peace im out. One.