• wickedess

    this aiight since he just came home… vibbing with this though..http://youtu.be/IvZvgDD7JxM… and kendricks album is dope!

  • **MyNaMek’Ree**

    its preseason for turk so dont panic give hime time. cuz this shit sucks

  • JustMyOpinion

    It’s only right, he jumped on a former Hot Boy track. Auto-tune is wiggidy-wack no matter who does it.

  • at least his voice his voice aint all fucked up…

  • Belize

    damn..atleast shyne aint sound homo

  • Black Shady

    yeah………nobody checkin for Turk.

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  • I l3ang ur sis

    Hot Boy doing his thing turk!!! #Noworries

  • DoinTooMuch

    Actually not that bad considering how long he been locked up. But yea, leave the auto tune alone turk, just for future reference homie. I’ll be on the lookout for his new shit tho.

  • mrholloway

    I can dig it…

  • fukyouthought

    He was the worst hot boy back in the day.Nothing has changed.