• rs

    the second guy is garbage.

  • Stunna

    fat guy is HILARIOUS!

  • jfraz1992

    my city filled with spitters! philly we on!!!

  • Chris

    So how long until Meek wants to split from Ross? Album been out one day and he’s already putting on his own team.

  • Chris

    Oh, and these guys aren’t any good. Not nearly ready for prime time. Need some more time in the studio and in cyphers, their raps ain’t up to par. Meek going first also didn’t help, dude is the best rapper in the circle by a landslide, shouldve let him go last.

  • IM730

    Yo Meek better keep an oxygen tank on deck everytime fat boy kicks a freestyle damn.

  • g2g mafia

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  • Bokeem Jackson

    MANN, MANN, MANNN!! The Fat nigga need a few lessons in rhyme timing. Just cause you bundle words together don’t, I say don’t make it hot. Oh and YOOOO, get money some water for them powder donut lips Geeesh. NO Swag!!! The chick was kinda cool thou.

  • LDN12

    The second guy needs to pronounce his words more clearer

  • cinematicFRESH

    wack. should of put joey jihad in the mix.

  • young
  • firiesport8

    Wasnt impressed @ all, c mon Meek!