• Stoner Logic

    Gucci is going at everybody smh

  • Steve

    He’s right about Nicki & French. First time I heard Nicki was on a Gucci record. and don’t say he goin at everybody, he didn’t come to the radio station with that intention, he was ASKED so he responded.

  • forrealtho

    What’s up with this nigga man? Goin off the deep end…

  • Kobe

    Steve Gucci said it himself on the breakfast club that he met Nicki at a Wayne concert so how does she owe her loyalty to Gucci? And first time I heard Nicki was on Wayne’s Drought 3 mixtape. 5 star bitch was not a Gucci song neither it was a Yo Gotti song, what Gucci song did you hear Nicki on?

  • where the fuck is vado when u need him to say STOP IT FIIIIVEE!!

  • @KOBE u must b retarded, wakas mother used to or maybe still does manage nicki…

  • Steve

    I never said she owed him loyalty, I sayin he’s right about not gettin credit. And second, I’m from Atlanta and most of us heard her first on Gucci’s Slumber Party from summer 2008. That’s how she got hot down here and ended up on Gotti’s remix.

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    I aint watch the video but im reading the comments and if he says nick owes him cause that 5 star shit then dude is crazy.. thats gottis song i heard that bitch on da drought with weez then singing a whole song no rapping. The person she owes loyalty to is the person she is staying loyal too and thats wayne. Haha nigga gucci is funny. If anyone owes him anything I would say that dude Orange Juice da Juice Man. quarter brick half a brick ayeeeeeeeee OK!

  • Black Shady

    a wack rapper talkin about other wack rappers LOL

  • Slim Baller

    Uh…Gucci and Yo Gotti have a song together and it’s dope. So idk why he would hate on Gotti. Gotti dope and his mixtape was better than trap god that’s why gucci mad

  • g2g mafia

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  • Steve


    What are you talkin about?


    @Stevie J nigga if you cant understand what Im talking bout then you shouldnt even be commenting. Everything I said was truth about gucci gotti and nicki

  • Steve


    Nigga what you said was not said by Gucci, watch the video kid.

  • Jungle

    He ain’t come at nobody he just keepin it real. Niggas so sensitive and emo.

  • dee

    tron city is a dumb ass didnt watch the video den left a comment like he knew what he was talking about smh

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    trick or treat gucci wants beef

  • Tron City, bruh, you look mad foolish, BY NOT watching the video and then commenting on a situation as if you know what was said,

    You went full retard.

    you NEVER go full retard.

  • retard

  • Kobe

    @deez Waka’s mom managed Gucci too and he fired her so where the fuck are you going with that? Foh


  • mac dIsel’s BOSS

    Gucci Gucci winning haters crying

  • equestrian

    enbardy kno wut da dj wuz talmbout win he sayd frenchie gat lassa pralims behinna seens?
    (gucci voice)

  • epinz

    nut huggin ass radio hosts!!!

  • IIG

    Gucci is my dude, but this shit has to stop! Him and Gotti are like brothers, I can’t believe he is throwing him under the bus. He is self destructing right now.

  • eyes lower than shyne record sales

    why is this fool even a part of hip hop hes terrible? with his retard raps hes desperate for attention thats all i mean sayin shit about nas too? if nas can body jay z on the mic im sure hel have no problem with gucci lmao

  • Sin

    Drought 3 Cant Stop Wont Stop 2007
    gucci Slumber Party 2008…late 2008

  • AC Slater

    The first song Nicki was heard of/featured on was Slumber Party by Gucci way back in like 06. Gucci is right, they ain’t keepin it real. Somebody telling the truth doesn’t mean they’re “crazy”

  • Carlito R

    Gotti is right. Basically if you’re music is HOT than you shouldn’t even care about anyone coming out the same day as you. On top of all of that its just a Mixtape CD Release NOT an Album Release!!! Jesus.

  • missedgyc

    Gotti is dope.
    Can’t anyone should tell Gucci to SHUT UP…

  • track killa

    actually the first song nicki did with gucci was a song called “pussy nigga” that came out years ago. Its off the same beat as what kinda king. But yeaa gucci on some other shit nigga been throwin salt on everybody lately

  • floridaboy

    gucci bein a bitch

  • ok im probally the biggest gucci man there is and i can relate to where he is coming from i mean im sure nikki and french had promised to sign with guccis label then jump ship soon as they saw chances to be famous which is typical but now far as jeezy an keisha cole well it is what it is i mean why say it if it wasnt true i can understand keisha for denying it to reduce the miles on her ass and yeah jeezy was hurt behind the news but owell atlanta flys planes in every sec of the day what else is new far as gotti well i dont think gucci is mad over a major reason and i can see him and gotti back friends real soon now far as nikki well she jump ship on so icy but i cANT BLAME HER AS THE WORD on the atl streets that mszay ent has been slideing over on her artist percentages far as pay basically the same reason gucci isint so icy anymore but 1017bricksquad cause deb has screwed so icy all the way up and thats probally reason nikki got with a stable label just my 2 cents ps i really hate to see him and gotti fall out over nothing let that bs go gucci you a better man than that

  • Enurmas Ainus

    I fucks with Gucci but homes trippin. The only reason that? he was even associated with Nikki and French before they got poppin was because they was managed by Ms. Deb, Waka’s mom. He’s making it seem like they was all the? way in the camp then switched up. They wasn’t. They did what they had to do to get themselves poppin. Can’t be mad at that. And him going at Gotti is some lame shit. They made some hard ass music together and he falls out with him over a mixtape release date?! Lame.

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    i feel gucci on this tho, u know hes squad 10/17 is just gucci’s date bro cant f with that

  • HK


    “You went full retard…you NEVER go full retard.”


  • yezzurrrrr

    NEW Booba (French Rapper) & 2 Chaaaaainz http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvLv_Pem0BA

  • bawsse

    dat boy gucci retarded LOL

  • brollya

    guess gucci looked at datpiff.com and saw dat gotti got more downloads den him and threw a hissy fit lik a 2 year old

  • taz

    gucci’s gunna catch a slug soon mark my words