• Slim Baller

    New ace hood is always good #Raw as fuck and his work ethic is among the best

  • Rozay

    Does this guy have perseverance or what? How many niggas you know can brick three straight albums and be signed to one nigga, that’s signed to another nigga, that’s signed to three niggas and still keep going like a fucking duracell, HOLY WOOD ALBUM BATMAN!!!

  • Zagga

    ^ lmao although that was funny, Ace hasn’t bricked a single album he hasn’t had a classic or anything but he’s had 3 solid efforts

  • He got that beat off soundclick. I seen of sc producers get stuff post on blogs, Johyn Juliano, VYbe, Sinima, and now Kajmir Royale

  • fsl4lfe

    sucks to be a mixtape rapper

  • poetic assasin

    Ace Hood with the fire as usual

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