New Video: Snoop Lion “La La La”

Snoop is for the kids. So for this Halloween, he dresses up as uh, lion and prances across the screen with ’em. Directed by Eli Roth and off his reggae-inspired LP, Reincarnated. Fun video. Horrible song.

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  • @iCardsFan502

    Haha. Snoop is fuckin’ wild with it.

  • D Twice

    Prolly smoked a fat ass blunt with them little kids.

  • Belize

    that was dope. Big up rasta


    This joint is good! You’re crazy if you think this song is horrible, especially being that Snoop is creatively trying out a new sound

  • Evil


  • Lookatmenow

    it’s horrible for a stereotyped hip hop head, i guess so.
    but it’s a catchy, happy somking song, ya BISH!
    Open ur mind before opening ur mouth!

  • This song is FAR from the word horrible. Big Homie what’s in your rotation right now?

  • the One

    He may not have the accent and the culture down as yet but he for sure he is starting to feel the vibe in his soul… Reminds me of the tourist that first comes to Jamaica then he realizes this is really life and never leaves.

    I aint mad a you Lion…


    Snoop has the whole RR Staff trippin. You put him in the You played yourself for this very song and now you post it. You said miss us with this rasta stuff. You didnt even take your own advice. Sorry Big Homie You played yourself. Ha!

  • floridaboy

    snoopy doopy is forever tht nigga

  • Beezy

    I was really ready to hate on this, but the shit is kinda hot.

  • brios40

    Thats koo do your thing Snoop Lion lol