• Mac Diesel’s FATHER

    I really like what dey did here… Lookin forward to dat EP.

  • Your Father

    Where was this shit on Radioactive? Opportunity missed.

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  • Steve

    Push em is growing on me like a tumor. This one might too

  • Lakers

    Shit goes hard. T. Barker and Yelawolf = good music. Good look for using R.C.C. Drumline. His Famous Stars in Strap store originates from I.E.

  • Catalyst

    Yela goes Beastie Boys style! Damn! Danny Trejo in the vid too.. Travis barker as usual murderin Em drums!

  • The Wise

    going to see yelawolf nov.4 ..yeaaaaah!!!..radioactive was still pretty dope..but yet slept on hope the new album “love story” is a more coheesive project to his roots and lil less commercial yet yelawolf knows how to make and compose a complete song which i respect…so honestly radioactive sat well with me. i liked the direction he was goin with radioactive but his core fans felt otherwise..i like the new stuff with travis not completly crazy but im sure itll grow anyways!