• StephenA

    This nigga so off beat

  • Yurrrd! I fucks with Trouble, Trouble!!!

  • StephenA says:
    Wednesday, October 31 2012 at 12:26 PM EST
    This nigga so off beat


  • StephenA buggin da fuck out!

  • Truth

    crap … but … yeah … to each his own

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  • This dude really is off-beat like Stephen said. Couldn’t get past a minute.

  • I usually don’t comment but, my freestyle went 100x harder then this, this dude off beat!
    song & lyrics below – BRINKSSSSS

    Matta fact here is the lyrics

    My Momma raised’em
    Dark proud & amazing
    Self rise self tought
    Jump ride & lost & court

    Lost cause
    Is what the man
    See in all us
    But I beg 2 differ
    I live life
    N applaud us

    The minority
    Overruling society
    Is something
    I Ain’t coping it

    The righteous man
    God put inside me
    This side of me
    Fuck they divided me

    My heart from my soul
    They Detached me out the globe

    Outta space outta mind
    Bars intertwine
    With the flo

    Wrote this
    At 7 in da morning by the stove
    Cuz I was hungry
    For a flo
    That been absent
    For the lonnnngest time

    Appreciate ya time
    Appreciate ya mind
    Appreciate ya ear
    Listen here I’m bout mines

    But I say
    Fuck the government
    Lost fools
    They gobbling
    The false
    Truth they swallowing
    Go in a booth
    And gobble it

    Now I know how PAC
    Facing off
    The top shelf
    Promising promises
    That been not delt

    Fuck wealth
    My wealth
    Is in my heart
    I will not fail

    Or fall
    Dropping down jewels
    On all y’all

    All this stock
    Bail nonna ya
    If u ain’t listening
    Then is ya fault
    I will not tell
    My Mission is

    Deliver out the vision
    Pushem out the tenaments
    And showem a Betta way
    So They can go n chase dividends

    2nd verse

    Choose these words as motivation
    The greatest pleasure
    In Chasing
    a dream
    Is executing
    Make it clean
    Enjoy the scene

    I been locked
    Stabbed, lost dad
    Lost a pad
    & Got back
    Lost a quarter
    On a stove
    Fucked around
    With different flows
    Chase doe
    N got doe
    Had ho’s
    And Shot those
    For the pot gold
    Ain’t nuffan I been
    NOT thru

    Lost a brother
    N lost my self
    To the bullshit
    I been delt
    No one i could blame
    But my self
    I chose the lane myself

    Chose to live this quote on quote
    Fast life
    I Thought I’d blow
    Nuffan but the pain
    I soed
    My heArt back
    In quotables

    N pitchem all to y’all
    So u can learn
    I’d give it all
    Just to do it all again
    Jae Brinks
    I live thru y’all

    They say my flow pop
    Now I question yo spot
    It’s so not
    Wht I figured hard
    I make a soul pop
    Fa sho not

    Selling out mah soul
    I go plexico
    N shoot mah self
    Wit 4 to mah head
    I’ll be the best to go

    Next, out the set he go
    Harder then that waka flow
    With perico
    Machete flo
    Cutting thru yo merry go

    bars nigga

    I kick these bars
    Like an inmate
    At a stall

    U figured rite
    I’m going hard nigga
    Call Jigga
    N Lettem know
    This Hog nigga
    Bout to starve niggas

    If they dont get it right
    My fitted tight
    And im working on a short nigga

    Who gives a fuck
    How many times
    I said NIGGAAAA
    Slong’s u get the point nigga!