Rap Radar On Billboard Exposure List

Guess who’s back. Billboard released their annual “Maximum Exposure” issue this week and under the R&B/Hip-Hop sidebar, the Double R was selected as the only domain that counts out here. You want to be in the public? Screw ya budget. It’s just us!

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  • Marko V

    Shout out to the wife huh?

  • World Star

    If you believe this then you also believe KDot’s album isn’t a master a piece.

  • Black Shady

    more like shout out to everyone in the C-section!!

  • Barack Obama Jr.

    Politics is a motherfucker!

  • Ricflair

    Wavy Navy

  • hui Lu Kim

    wack ” who circles themselves” cause of being in another magazine. lol

    like this is Hall Of Induction. . lol

  • This site used to be good until you guys started sucking dick now it’s just a below average blog

  • Kobe

    Didn’t YN say that magazines can’t have an opinion on blogs? Oh but when they commend or big y’all up they can huh? Y’all mad cuz source put wshh above y’all lmao

  • kareem

    y’all niggas know YN’s wife “runs” billboard, right?

  • Don One

    Congrats, yo

  • Kobe

    ^ @Kareem Makes sense now.

  • Donn

    This industry is about politics

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    WOW ! Donn is making sense. But your right certain artists on RR get top billing and yet their music is horrible. I guess as long as the check clears its no problem.

  • Marko V

    I just said.. Nvrmnd


  • jeff


  • Winston Churchill


  • B.Dot

    Uh, she hasn’t worked at Billboard for over 2 years.

  • BK


    Guess she had to call in a bunch of favors then?
    Shit, regardless, any exposure and all that…

  • R$H

    How you ON this site and hating on this site?? SMH. You mf’s losin….

  • hmm…

    ^^^^^^^ @RSH my thoughts exactly… it obviously holds some status cuz you were on the site to see this post…. not to mention you took the time to type out ya hate… cornball ass niggas… “niggas wanna strip you to the bone for shit you own I a nigga like dat fagot get ya own”..

  • Sorry, no one cares about your corporate funded blog… I just googled a song, saw the story on the side bar… you guys toot your own horn over here too much, you don’t see the bigger sites doing that do you? Act like you been there before. I don’t even like the 2dope site, but they run this game..sorry sally come lates… lol… your buddy Elliot Wilson used to go out his way to diss bloggers, then he becomes one? #EPICFAIL

  • HK

    FTR YN’s left BB in Feb.

  • HK


  • andychristo

    Coming in 10th place.