• brl

    Nailed it. After all these years, he’s still got it.

  • Reginald

    How is this a freestyle when he’s reading from his phone…..No disrespect to Twista but stop posting lies.

  • The Bus Driver Who UpperCutted That Hoe

    #classic #timeless #original #nuffSaid

  • Toni

    I hate ALL idiots who post freestyle when its not.. or rappers btw sayin its freestyle when its not. thats just fuckin stupid

  • Rozay

    Not only is it not a freestyle but it ait’s not even an up to date typed written, talking about Dereon and Stacking like stackhouse, he must have saved this phone freestyle from 2008.

  • NewRappersSuck

    Wtf ? This is not even a freestyle !