Kendrick Lamar “K104” Freestyle

Before his show in Dallas last night, little red riding hood checked in with K104 and accepted the challenge to rap off the top with topics off the cue cards. What a treat, K.Dot.

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  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    Heh, I enjoyed this! I like to see artist wild out like this!

  • Lloyd

    He killed this

  • J

    real spitta

  • Kobe

    Really? Little red riding hood is the best you could come up with Big Hommie? #FAIL

  • Black Shady

    Most artists would be scared to do this shit


    oh and did I say Kdot sold more than Meek and his boss? HA! #TDE

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  • Mak

    REAL HIP_HOP HEADS!!!Go Cop That #NKNF Album from Pittsburgh/Ottawa’s Own @Cashtro On Itunes Now!!

  • T


  • Drew Who

    lol little red riding hood? fuck this site. get off ross’ fat dick.

  • brl

    The video is only fourteen seconds on my end for some reason? And Big Homie, why does this site always go out of it’s way to insult Kendrick?

  • Gaz

    You cant hate on kendrick, he is through and through a real mc

  • I’m acutally big fan of Kendrick and his album. It wasn’t a shot and I liked the freestyle.

    No different from me calling YN old man yellow or calling Amaya a girl

  • brl

    @ Big Homie,

    But it’s on a consistent basis, sir. What happened to non-biased journalism? If it’s obvious, we get it.

  • Big Homie

    Get off my website.

  • ss

    dopee freestyle.

  • strange

    so sick of the Kendrick hate on this site, i dont get it? The guys a serious fuckjing talent! Yet you post French Montana Ross and the rest of these fake clowns and give them props. What happend to supporting reeal hip hop. BITCH!

  • Kobe

    Ohk, I feel you Big Hommie. my bad.

  • But it’s on a consistent basis, sir. What happened to non-biased journalism? If it’s obvious, we get it.

    ^ not consistent by me personally tho’. Remember, there are three other people that post on this site.

  • strange

    i dont care which of you post it, you support and show love to the biggest fucking trash but rarely ever post all the good shit going on and the ‘real’ hip hop, not this Solja boy, Cashmoney, TRASH!!!! Thats why there is


  • Ya Bish!

    Ahhhhh…. Wonder who B.Dot’s listening to right now? Still bumping that Killer Mike or Macklemore?

  • brl

    Get off your website? Wow.