• Slim Baller

    The album leaked and I was surprised at how good it was especially the first few tracks!

  • TGOD

    Wizz killed this!!!!!

  • Scott

    Second that, Wiz just murdered this track!!!!!!

  • Del

    where’s Mobb Music?

  • mrholloway

    These cats been rapping for 20 years and still got material. I ain’t got that much shit to talk about. LOL

  • Rozay

    Too Short released his first album less than a month after Kendrick Lamar was born in 1987, think about that shit, imagine if Scottie Pippen, David Robinson,Reggie Miller, Kevin Johnson, Mark Jackson, and Mugsy Bogues, were still trying to play in the NBA today because 1987 is when they were drafted, them old niggas would be sweating at the tip off, at some point you need to know when to hang it up, Too Short, OOOOOOOOOOO, ( in E-40’s voice).

  • crysis

    beat is bonkers cant fuck with this guys shits a banger.

  • buzz

    Tell me where to go Part 2.

    i swear these hyphy songs all sound alike, but yeah ……Wiz khalifa’s verse>>

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