Nicki Minaj: My Truth (Trailer)

The truth shall set her free. And in this preview of Nicki’s upcoming E! reality show, we follow her as she preps for a tour, The Re-Up release and oh, that American Idol drama too. Series premieres Sunday.


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  • You know so many people are going to watch this. My guess is she will get her own reality series after this. This is obviously the 3 series pilot to if she will get a full reality series

  • Pimpinistrulyeasy

    Who is Nicki Minaj?

  • Lakers

    She needs to lay off them prescription pills. playgirl

  • The Truth

    The first female mogul!

  • All shes gonna do is whine, whine, whine and talk about what a grind she is on and how much work ethic she is when she doesnt do a fucking thing – she does NOT work hard. This show will be a joke along with that other joke SB who just walks around thinking hes somebody.

  • olle wip

    dummy you aint miming on my show hoo you anit welkom on my show hoo

  • Notice they said pop and not hip-hop


    Good look for Nicki name one other female rapper that’s done half the things she’s doing… You gotta respect her hustle regardless if she went all pop and shit. Seriously the Nicki hate is so damn cliche like why waste your time saying everything about her is fake.. She a sellout.. Blah blah we heard all that so many damn times if you don’t like her or her work get off her damn line!! Since everyone saying she a pop artist then I guess she a pop artist that rap better than any female and most male rappers out there today! When she drops a full rap album or even a mixtape y’all gon be biting her shit cause she still got bars!

  • Hecate

    Sandy on her!

  • Ya Bish!

    (Yeezy Shrug) Why not? back to that GKMC….

  • Nicki, Nicki, Nicki…