• shaedaghost

    wtf is dis ish man…dont tell me ymcmb bout to eff up his whole style

  • Peter Gunz

    This nigga will NEVER have a album out

  • geedotohh

  • Rozay

    The New York version of Gudda Gudda, he needs to change his whole image and quick too, Drake had his own style, Nikki did the weird Pop shit plus she has a puss, that’s why they are successful, both are marketable, Corey Gunz still stuck in that lane he is in, while he is in LA he needs to get with 1500 or nothin and bang out some joints and change his content and stop trying to hard to hit home runs with the flow and trying to be extra lyrical and do some more personal type shit, do you think it is a coincidence that Big Sean is about to drop his second album next month on G.O.O.D music and Pusha T hasn’t dropped his first full length album yet because he hasn’t laid enough ground work, niggas will talk about how lyrical and dope someone is but wont buy their shit, If people were real fans instead of just the internet, Nas,Slaughterhouse,Game, will all went platinum on their last cd’s, they have some of the biggest fan bases on the internet, but didn’t sell up to their capabilities, Corey is lost with no direction.

  • Ya Bish!

    This nigga even sounds like them YMC faggots now. Fuck!

  • Toni

    haters calm down. its just one slow track…