Cee-Lo Investigated On Sexual Battery


Is Cee-Lo a real life closet freak? While that remains to be seen, Cee-Lo is being investigated on a sexual battery accusation. A woman claims the Goodie Mob frontman slipped a drug in her drink at a L.A. restaurant in July. The victim says she found herself naked in bed with him the next morning.

Sources involved in the case represent to TMZ  … Cee Lo is on tape, repeatedly apologizing and referencing MDMA (Ecstasy) — though he does not specifically say he put it in her drink.  Sources say Cee Lo told her he thought the drug would help them have an exciting time together.  For the record, MDMA generally does not render people unconscious.

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  • Scott

    Even money cant help you get laid sometimes when you look like a whack a mole

  • GermanLuger

    only thing that could safe him is a mirror.

  • mike

    Closet Freak

  • nick riveria


  • Donn

    Smh, do anything for pussy.

  • Kali

    nigga looks like he did it and will probably do it again.Lock him up

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Damn ! Kat Williams has gone crazy once again.

  • picky

    I knew that little midget had some pervert in him

  • Jaymalls

    MDMA doesn’t make you unconscious or give you memory loss… So what is she really saying! Im completely aware Cee Lo looks like a burnt platypus, but I PERSONALLY seen bitches fuck worse 2 get to the money! It’s funny how once you reach commercial success (accepted by white America) there are a million lawsuits and people looking for handouts… But when you were broke, you didn’t have to worry about none of this bs!

  • ^ AGREED. Bitches just lookin for that easy paper.. You know this mannnn. But wait, she tried blackmailing him pretty much, this case is already over…. Lets move along, nothing to see here. Nothing to see in Cee-Lo’s career either. Nothing to post on behalf of this dumb nigga unless its a controversial topic, like SEXUAL BATTERY oh gawdd (bigsean voice)

  • lol cee lo part of the dungeon family, big boi just got caught for that shit last year or w.e off a cruise lmfao, they use the shit as sexual enhancement…

  • Safe Dwade

    This nigga is Hella pervert he always got bitches on him yall aint know? ha

  • GermanLuger

    i bet the girl was miss piggy!

  • Rozay

    I put some ecstasy in your drink but it wasn’t enough so I can FUCK YOOOUUUU!!!!!!!!

  • PistolPistol

    @Nick Rivera, fucking hilarious!!

    Super freak, super freak – he’s super freaky! Owww

  • SleepyKeemo

    Now everybody is gone off that molly.

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  • Prayers for Natalie that she get over this time in her healing when the pain will lsseen and she can once again go about the life of being a twelve year old. Hope these two friends can enjoy each other company very soon.