• jadrianww

    Until yesterday I thought shaheem reid worked at def jam, but he’s just a professional groupie

  • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ DEAD

  • ..Julian..

    Shaheem Reid is on the MMG payroll along with Elliott Wilson

    Shaheem Reid ‏@ShaheemReid

    Headed to meet up with my MMG fam. Tour starts tonight.

  • Slim Baller



    Amen was cool but Burn isn’t nothing special. Jadakiss’ Paper Tags track has the same beat and it’s better than it.

  • tris

    too many videos of meek mill breaking down every track…fuck outta here man

  • MMG

    them CTE janitors are out in their numbers to hate as usual

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    MMG groupes and stans are great at selling “wolf tickets”.

  • MMG

    still waiting for Gibb’s “imaginary” album

  • Safe Dwade

    Rally of volvos, im the only 300 chrysler but im it when these young cats didnt care about cyphers, why are my child hood courts empty because all the kids turned literal judging who they envy, dont hit the booth unless you’ve spat or can spit a tooth, iv’e grown to chase money my old naive thoughts are fucking funny, i deceive a bill through real before i use any cheap thrill it all really sucks but im on the come up to kill fucks ill be on top of the standings someday… Bills and bucks

  • Marko V

    I’m stealing dat 300 Chrysler/ cipher bar man
    Keep em coming lol

  • St810

    Why these two grown man sitting on that little ass couch together? They might as well start cuddling. Fat nigga taking all the space.


    @St810…Mad funny, son

  • Rho

    Why this Nigga Meek Mill always got his hand on his head….like he got a headache or something.