New Mixtape: Nelly Scorpio Season

Nelly’s celebrating his 38th birthday today. Hey, Black don’t crack. But as a gift to us, he delivers his new mixtape, Scorpio Season. Check out his breakdown on MTV and download after the jump.

Download Here

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  • JustMyOpinion

    Please…….don’t download ALL at once now. We don’t want to crash the servers.

  • Love/Hate


  • nick riveria

    country grammar was a classic but nelly hasnt had a good song since grillz

  • nick riveria

    and i actually took the time to listen to this mixtape, not even 1 half decent song

  • nick riveria

    batter up and ride wit me will never leave my playlist tho real talk

  • mr.lino

    u hear that..???? yea me too…NOT A DAMN THING…LMFAO

  • Kunta Kente

    Nelly, T.I, and Ludacris used to be HUGE, now there below adverage at best

  • Capricorn Religion

    Capricorn ALL DAY. Lol. I love a Scorpio chick tho…

    Anyway umm, so, anybody at least streamed it at Live mixtapes? There is always at least 2-3 good songs that can make a iPod Shuffle

  • Glory

    Jay Electronica Act II LEAKED!

  • NoChildNOTToday

    At least he gets to chop down Ashanti’s has-been cakes. It could be worse.

  • City Spud

    Mixtape of the year

  • The Truth

    Krs-One Won!

  • Kool D Rap

    it would be dope to hear krs ones review of this.

  • DJ Game

    @Glory. Link?

  • Love/Hate

    Lol @ “has-been cakes”

  • stoppp ittt

    Nelly : “” yo durty, take a picture of me in this tank top witcho camera phone!””

    friend: “” no problem durrty””

    ( takes out phone, takes picture… SNAP )

    Nelly: this shit fresh boi, lets use this as my mixtape cover cuz i dont fuck with photographers and canon cameras””

  • mitch

    Country grammer is Nelly’s classic album, hard to believe 10 years ago ppl like him, ja rule, DMX, Luda were some of the top dogs in the game. How things change

  • floridaboy

    damn this nigga nd pharrell like never age

  • OmegaSun

    You 38 and you still rapping ill j/k

  • man…. he must be going broke… can’t believe he had the audacity to put this garbage out!

  • Rozay

    This is dumpster juice, sorry pimp juice.

  • Devante

    You 38 and you still rapping? Uugggh

  • DoinTooMuch

    @Kunta Kente I wouldn’t say T.I. is below average. He’s just been sort of hit and miss lately.

  • Has it really been 12 years since Country Grammar?!? What happened to this boy acting in movies?

  • Kunte Kente

    @DoinTooMuch Well its alot more miss than hit lately. I know the nigga did some time and shit but it wasn’t that long since Paper Trial came out just to fall off like that. He spent all that time buiding his way to the top with King than peak with Paper Trail. But I hope he can make a good comeback with Trouble Man cuz he still has good following. As for Nelly and Ludacris its best they stick other buisness outside music.