New Music: Juicy J x Wiz Khalifa “Know Betta”


In the typical Taylor Gang fashion, Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa shit talk their way on this new collaboration. If you don’t, betta act like you do.

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  • yeah, i didnt think it would happen but im starting to find juicy j’s style is becoming redundant…

  • Slim Baller

    Couldn’t agree more^

  • Of course it would become redundant, it’s a smooth style hands down, but gets really played out quickly.

  • Doughboiii$

    It’s his sound muthafuckas deal with it if you don’t like it anymore just stop listening to it I fuck with Juicy J over mos tof these corny ass niggas

  • mike

    wiz is done…times up… juicy can hold his own..

  • It’s amazing how much Juicy J has changed in the last few years

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  • acidrap

    This beat is weak as hell.I could whip sumthin up to kill that in 15 minutes.Why is Juicy just jumpin on any ole beat lately? Shit,his own production slays this shit.

  • kbisburning

    Better than 98% of CF2

  • thatkidd

    I’m sorry but i kinda dig this, juicy killed it, wiz did ok .. Better than cabin fever 2

  • Stoner Logic

    I think a wiz & juicy j joint album will be happening in the future

  • floridaboy

    beats waaaaack… if it aint a good beat the lyrics dnt matter

  • HB

    had potential but i really dont dig this one, i kinda like ‘Bands make her dance’, but this is average

  • WTF

    These niggas dont even know wtf the weeknd is saying and isnt relating to the original song at all….they just fuked up a perfectly good song…..fuk u dis my opinion

  • A$VP J-MAC

    Yea the beat messed it up it should be more slower but its aight track the bridge should been better too

    Listen to me freestyle

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  • Jack Bahlzak

    Juicy j ripped this shyt