• NoChildNOTToday

    uhh no thank you.

  • Slim Baller

    Please don’t input your irrelevant ass opinion Big Homie. Good blogs are unbiased EX: Atrilli, Nahright, Hotnewhiphop, 2Dopeboyz so stfu

  • onenutned

    beat sucks..this could’ve been a live ass song.

  • macc

    i think its dope i support Mo i amma get the mixtape

  • Cannibis_Cowboy

    How do you go from diamond records sells to this bullshit….. “they say im outta touch”, it’s because you are Corneilus , your own city doesnt even fuck with you because as soon as you got that check you ran to Atlanta and forget about your fans/city. If youre suppose to run stl how come you dont hop on the up and coming artists records oh i know because you and JD would rather steal them (dont Step on My J’s) . How you from st.louis but thrown the Derrty Awards in Atlanta ? You got artists like Slim Thugg and Paul Wall who paid there own way to show Kirko support in NYC cause its Houston. This nigga Nelly is here startin beef with the new artists not helping the culture or our city. FUCK NELLY