New Video: Onyx “Belly Of The Beast”

We know what you’re thinking: The hell did they get all that money from? Off the Queens crew’s forthcoming album, Cuzo.

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  • Nice track, good to see Fredo & Sticky back!!!

  • Boom

    This is some straight EAST COAST shit! I fux w/ it! They could be on some East coast-South music like a lot of these NYC rappers lately.

  • Yup sum of my hiphop Heros!

  • hui Lu Kim

    Hip Hop
    Alll I can say

  • Carlito R

    Wow that’s funny my boy brought about Onyx old bangin classic “Throw Ya Gunz In The Air” a few weeks ago. That song use to make everybody go crazy in the clubs! Hopefully Onyx can bring back those type of energy joints again.This new one is ok but too lay back for me.

  • Insider

    Just imagine if they was on some Heatmakerz beats from back in the day…..They could bring NY back if they did a album wit da HeatMakerz fa sho….

  • this that NY shit!! if the whole album is like this I will definitely support

  • Louie Gates

    Onyx keeping it gutta. NY need to get back on this shit!

  • ttomcatt

    That’s that shit!!! Hip-Hop as it should be!

  • king me

    dope sticky fingaz verse was tuff …

  • Life

    Oh shit…word!!!!!!

  • WorldFamous_Kev

    This is a nice track, hope the rest of the project is as nice. Glad to see them back and very surprised to see that no one has hated on this post. Very Surprising but Welcome

  • PistolPistol

    Don’t get me wrong I am a huge fan of Onyx.
    But dude was on Moesha

  • Juicy

    Dope song!

  • Nickey Black

    Fredro cool but Sticky always came wit’it

  • ayo

    the bills say used for motion pictures, all fake money…. lmao sad

  • mike

    Onyx is my sugarhill gang. Five years old and knew slam, guns up by heart