Nipsey Hussle The Marathon 3: Victory Lap Cover

Still running strong, Nipsey’s readying the third part of The Marathon mixtape series. Before he crosses that finish line on December 21, he’s already looking like a winner on the cover.

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  • chuck

    this nigga album aint never gunna drop

  • George Soros


    Nipsey has been putting in work, and giving his fans good music. I was a little put off by the south style beats he used on TMC, but the project was still good.

    Bullets aint got no names, TMC series have all been dope projects.

    With TDE taking over, OPMxDom Kennedy and Odd Future niggas getting their cult following, Nipsey is in a good position to present his debut album to the masses.

    I’m def. getting this, and i will be supporting the homie when he drops his debut in the store the same way i did for

    Westcoast niggas taking over.

  • Black Shady

    Shame…for a cool second, Nipsey was up next in the west

    …until Kdot took over!

  • chuck

    lol @ curious george. You’re an emotional nigga aren’t you? The TMC series is dope and I like nipsey but like I said, this nigga album aint coming out no time soon.

  • tris

    its about opportunity. You gotta get it in when you get the chance. Nipsey had his chance and now hes losing his appeal to the masses. Maybe not in Cali but definitely in other places. maybe he’ll be a mixtape legend like joe budden?..who knows

  • IIG

    Another mixtape? Really? December 21st damn near should be the release date oh his SECOND album.

  • George Soros

    Good one Chuck.

    But if you claim you enjoy the homies music, why make such a negative blank statement?

    Not everyone drops a debut album at such a young age like a Soulja Boy & shit. I mean, look at that niggas plunge.

    I agree, he should have dropped his debut back when he dropped “roll the windows up” and “hussle in the house”.

    But the homie has built his grass roots movement, and garnered a good following independently. At least give him that.

  • Yng Nipsino the best

    The fuck are you dumb fucks talking about…[email protected], who cares about albums they usually suck compared to any artists mixtapes anyway. and we know he wouldnt do crazy numbers either cuz you gotta be a real nigga to feel his music. @black shady, you are a fuck boy for actually typing some dumb shit like that. is nice but he aint take shit over. the game has room for plenty rappers not just 1.

    yall stupid as fuck for doubting nipsey…hes easily better than everyone other than jay and kanye and not to mention probably the only one who is actually real with everything he raps about

  • Fat Motherfucker

    Fuck this mixtape garbage.

  • King

    he’s making more money off his mixtape music by touring round the world….

  • yezzurrrrr

    Nipsey is the shit ! Respect & Fuck the haters

  • floridaboy

    looks like prodigy, sounds like snoop wen he talks

  • e

    Nipsey is the truth top 5 in the game any day .
    Can’t wait for this he always delivers

  • bylaw99

    So erybody gonna act like they dont see that he spelled crew with krew and has a red V instead of a blue one..with a 5 point star! IJS I thought gangbangers cared about every aspect of their gang culture. LOL

  • Black Shady

    @black shady, you are a fuck boy for actually typing some dumb shit like that. is nice but he aint take shit over. the game has room for plenty rappers not just 1.

    stop it 5 you know u’re playin urself with that long ass comment

  • floridaboy

    u gay arguing wir urself ^

  • East Side Nigga What

    Nipsey is one of the few real niggas in the game. Just hope he doesn’t do more work w the gay ass mmg crew.

  • Mac Diesel’s FATHER

    Nipsey is dat nigga, cant wait. Crenshaw wat up

  • A$VP J-MAC

    I agree with @tris His Last 3 mixtapes wire fire Its all about opertunity he should be putting out a single right now for his ALBUM instead of another mixtape and release the album Late Christmas Early New years

  • dave

    @bylaw99 krew is a skate/streetwear brand.that’s no gang shit.and the bigass red v looks like sonething similar to V magazine idk but doubt its some blood shit

  • name

    “All on twitter like ‘nigga gon’ drop your new shit’, I’m just taking time to make the proper use of my influence” Road To Riches lyrics from The Marathon Continues. he wrote that in 2011 and you cats are perpetuating it right now. thats some real shit…