• thats right CTE NIGGA

  • CTE

  • ..Julian..

    Baby Face Killa is 1 of the best hip hop releases of the year

  • Facts

    @ ..Julian..

    the tape shits on everything that came out except for K.Dot, K.R.I.T. & Nas

  • gtouthere

    This nigga better stay out there in Indiana and stop claiming the chi. Flase flaggin ass herb over here need to be proud and rep where he from

  • deez nuts


    Gibbs has never claimed Chicago. You must be short bus shawty

  • gtouthere

    Nah he stay claiming chicago, tryna ride the wave and he stay talking shit about the bulls when he need to be rootin for the lame ass Pacers. His music cool and shit but he be acting bitch made sometimes.

  • Check out this dope track “Party drugs” by Justin O’Ryan

    man freddie gibbs a cool cat… i met him dallas at the return of 4 eva tour..real humble cat in person

  • Kill

    Gary is about a hundred times closer to Chicago than Indianapolis (where the Pacers play). Of course he supports the Bulls, they’re the home team.

    Nigga GTFOH all sensitive and shit, u aint no Chicago nigga. Online crying and shit cuz somebody likes the damn Bulls. Everybody that grew up in the 90’s liked the Bulls, what u weren’t here then?

  • Anon DCPL

    BFK is solid as fuck, and for being a free tape at that.