• @gtfomike

    MMG and MGK lmao
    Puffy owns these people for real

  • herohiro


  • thebullfrog24

    If you’re a big an artist as ross (no puns) and have amazing music made by the Justice league. What’s your excuse for not having a live band.

    I’m so sick of hearing hip hop artist have only a DJ and then listen to you yell over the instrumental. Hip hop has come to far for that garbage

  • wack

  • Black Shady

    SMH lol

  • JustMyOpinion

    RR…..so are you saying I shouldn’t go to concert? Since, you’ll be posting videos of every concert?
    (I am contemplating going to the one in VA) Is anything exclusive anymore?

  • Truth Will Out

    HA… I’m sorry folk, but when Meek came out with his butt sticking out he looked like a dead up faggot searching for some dick. That camera angle def don’t work for sagging. smh

  • Andrew

    MMG was in lexington last night..

  • The wise

    I seen rik ross at summer jam hes cool but not much of a stage presensts which kinda sucked but one time is fine with me..not a drake quote ! Lol

  • HB

    ^^^definitely a drake quote (because you brought it up)

  • I won’t go to this tour simply because there is no band. Back vocals <<<