• dopeaom

    Got that 80’s feel to it.. gotta love it

  • T

    your balloon just popped

  • jburg

    I can dig this. Old school LL right there. These new cats can’t make songs for women like he can. Take note youngins!

  • T

    you can tell he just wrote down words that rhyme and filled the rest in

  • words

    planetary and crypt the warchild know who to right

  • Majesty

    I like this, reminds me of the old LL

  • k1ng petey


  • imperial85

    Classic ’95 era new york feel. I fuck with it.

  • mike G

    Good track…….. But sounds like the same beat from Royal Flush feat. Noreaga “what a shame”


    Great song from a great rapper

  • lody Mack

    Fire.. This a hit right here..

  • Jus10

    More of this, less of rachet, please…!

  • Kizzy

    This a straight hit ….. feels so good to hear real music like this again

  • this the shit i’m talkin bout – LL the king of this style – you don’t have to try and compete with these new cats with songs like ratchet smh – Joe still got that fire too

  • kayandgee

    yes! he listened to us and trackmasters back too. nice

  • duuuumb

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I thought it said x fat joe and hear I am waiting for a fat Joe verse like a fucking genius

  • this is fire

  • we just gone say “Rachet” was released on accident

  • Strong Johnson

    Fiyah…this is ur lane LL



  • Shells

    this aint that good. but it aint that bad

  • LR

    This is a really dope song. I’m feeling it.

  • Kemosabi

    I still remember ratchet unfortunately but that’s how you right a wrong in my books

  • Curtis75Black

    This is hot !! Uncle L brought it back. He writes songs, something alot of rappers seem to cant do !!

  • Hot!!! I Love it L

  • Corporate Man!!!

    This is highway music. Good music.

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  • Dank

    not bad, not great, good tho

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