50 Cent vs. Floyd Mayweather

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Money is the root of all evil stunts. Days after Fif announced his departure from The Money Team, he and former friend Floyd Mayweather, have traded jabs via Twitter. 50 lands the first blow.

I’m gonna make BIG FLOYD rich. Floyd stop spending your money on hoe’s man they don’t love you fool.SMSaudio. MONEY Floyd you know I have more MONEY then you.Al Haymen got you on a Allowance, you go broke every fight stupid. SMSaudio. GAMBOA IS MAD FLOYD. He gonna beat ya ass man. He moving up in weight. SMSaudio

And then, Floyd Mayweather counters:

SMS = Snakes Maneuver Slick. SMS = Sisters Managing Sports. SMS = Similar Mayweather Show. A male boxing groupie. hold my belts because your album sales have declined http://instagr.am/p/Rjhoa1R3Vb/  Fuck Boy you look cute in that jacket http://instagr.am/p/RjjIS8R3Wo/  I respect the shooter not the one who got shot http://instagr.am/p/RjlLFMx3Xu/  Hold my money Fuck Boy http://instagr.am/p/RjmsFWx3Yg/  Men lie.. women lie numbers don’t lie. Wayne, Drake, Rick Ross, Kanye please help this boy pic.twitter.com/C90vrO5q

UPDATE: As predicted, 50 admits this was a publicity stunt:

I’m sick of all this nonsense Floyd asked me to act like were fighting cause no one was paying any attention after his 60 days.#SMSaudio Domestic violence is very serious my apologies,my grand mother said we need to stop playing I’m done sorry#SK know some the thing we do in hip hop for shock value are wrong. He just wanted some attention Floyd is like a brother to me.#SMSaudio I always tweet thing for him like follow his fiancée and help promote him but one, I’m done with please don’t ask me about it. #SMSaudio He just called he mad I said something about domestic violence. He just want be in music. You ever hear him RAP?lol He texting really trippin over the domestic violence tweet. It’s true everybody know, he already did time for it. SMSAudio

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  • It was all good just A Week Ago…….



  • floridaboy

    50’ll beat dat ass

  • CabriniGreeny

    A fan of both the brothers. Sad to see them grow apart and attack each other like this in public.

  • T.O.S

    Funny how people that beef with 50 always come together, go make we are world record

  • Mike P

    @T.O.S people who have issues with 50 already do make we are the world records.. And have done so for many years now.. The one thing that I love and most hate about 50 is his willingness to stand alone.. If he wins or losses it will be because of him and him alone.. I admire that.. Plus he loves to burn bridges in public.. Always entertaining!!!! Now only of he could do that one thing that would out shine the BS.. (Hit Music) he will be right were he should be.. At the cool kids table once again..

  • Devante

    Lol y’all late as shit

  • JustMyOpinion

    I think is wack, these dudes appeared to be brother-like. Outside, looking in, I would question both men’s loyalty overall.

  • M.T

    smh 50 stay losing.

  • the homie

    shit is sad to see them not cool anymore

  • It’s dumb as shit that it had to come down to this, but at least both of them are getting some good shots in on each other. Lol id hope its a stunt though. Look how fast Ross jumped in to try and bandwagon smh

  • vzed


  • KTT

    Publicity stunt to hype up fight between floyd and 50s fighter

  • Iran The Race

    White People love it when black people bicker and squabble!

    Keep up the good work black people! ha

  • Orpheus

    Mayweather ain’t nun but a BITCH

  • Fuck Your Opinion

    This is fuckin stupid.

  • Maywearher wins
    Cuz at the end 50s in matweathets world for relevancy
    50 talks shit but everything hea done has flopped i meeannn evverythingggg! The mtv show,his movie,well all his movies,his music doesnt even get hits anymore online, his energy drink smh!
    His cologne, i really beleive hea only eating off 05 money


    this man 50 needs to stop the with the bullshit, dawg you 37 years old twitter beefing with another clown? what has hip hop come to son?

  • Theeone

    50 is beefing again to make money and you idiots will buy in again. WWF shit

  • Commentator of Common Sense

    How can he call all those guys to “help” when it comes to sales? When 50 has sold more than all of them.

    It’s corny to fued with someone who you suppose to be close with. You not close o begin with if a little disagreement make you publicly disrespect

  • Crewz Control

    Deez niggaz is Gay …

  • poetic assasin

    Why they didnt just call each other?

  • brollya

    ya to much in rick ross ass….. this lik 3 days old… thought ya had all the exclusive news….. ya falling off lik mmg ymcmb

  • daffysci

    this shit so fake

  • Black Shady

    RR is slippin…couple days old

    and yeah, thought it was staged…but niggas gettin personal lol but then again we’re talkin about 50 and FLOYD aka 2 of the most cocky, money hungry, attention seeker, smart mufuckaz in the game lol

  • B.Dot

    RR is slippin…couple days old

    who cares?

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    shit its on. wonder what theyre beefin bout, 50 knows floyd one of the best and he also knows his album sales dropped like crazy, 50’s tryna fight out of a hard place, not really in the best position to beef on someone, u got me

  • lol u already know these dudes are somewhere sipping tea and enjoying fresh biscuits laughing at the bullshit that people are willing to believe…”they are trying to bring boxing back”

  • R

    They trying bring boxing back but at the same dam time kills 50 music thats a good thing mmg junior riding out for them and his scared ass still not trying to fight Pacman LMMFAO The both homos fell off at the same time!

  • RR I wish you hired journalists that actually care about real journalism. Your late and by now your supposed to have the exclusive from Money May. He would love to do it. Between lazy overpaid journalists and broke inflated ego labelheads hip hop is as stale as ever.

  • FloorPlay airlines – we’re cheap, and we snort

    50 in beef is like a fish in the water …
    all I would say is: Enjoy the Show

  • Man 50 is so feared and powerfull… this is not the 1st time hes brought ppl together in hip hop, i remember Rick Ross had a song with like 15 rappers to go at 50… song even had Ja Rule lol who Ross would have never worked with were it not for his fear of 50 n needing help … That song was also the 1st time Ross had The Game on his song, it never happened again Rick Ross has never had The game on HIS* song.

    50s killed so many careers that ppl know the only chance they have is to team up with current and former foes … Ross had Game, ja Rule, Gotti bros, Diddy, jay-Z, Bang em Smurf, Fat Joe, the list goes on and 50 went gold with BISD lol. Ross never went gold in his life and The game hasnt gone gold to with his last few albums.

    Thats how the Jadakiss and Fat Joe beefs with 50 started … Ja Rule was being beat bad and made a fool of infront of every one so he called on Jadakiss and Fat Joe to stand by him while he dissed 50 on that NY song … Ja Rule set both jadakiss and fat joe with that song they didnt say anything funny about 50 but Ja-Rule did he set them up … and wen a man is standing in between other man saying shit bout you it comes across as them supporting the man they standin with.

    the are so many ppl who want 50 out the game and are treatned by his presents … but the man JUST WONT DIE lol.

  • NY Jets 4 the Superbowl

    At [email protected]
    Good read, very true Ja Rule set up jadakiss and Joe on that song to make it look like they were right by his side n with him on the whole beef with 50.

    The Rick Ross (we are the world against 50) song was the Mafia Music remix. Ross also hooked up with Bang Em Smurf not coz they fux with each other or have mutual respect for each other but because they both aint cool with 50. Thats what mayweather is doing to right now its actually quiet sad.

  • Ddude

    Didn’t Ross diss Mayweather. Didn’t Mayweather host 50, Ross’ baby mama, and Ross’ kid at his house during the height of 50’s beef with Ross.

    Ross is a fake, but he’s good at creating a persona/image and can make good songs. But Mayweather really shouldn’t be running to peeps who use to diss him just to get back at 50. Seems like a bitch move.

    50 holds his corner on his own, I respect that, but am getting way too tired of his constant beefing.

  • Kali

    Didnt realize 50 ended Rozay’s career…………oh wait.

  • the truth

    this whole thing 50 vs mayweather is fake. they been together since 2001 nothing will change its just a stunt

  • T Broski

    The shooter is dead so you can respect him hahahahahahhaha 50cent counter

  • 7figures

    C’mon y’all niggas don’t believe this do you? This is a publicity stunt niggas!! These dudes is actors man….. Word

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    [email protected]”YMCMB + Maybach Music + The Money Team collaborating on some new music.” Floyd just ethered himself. The people that are around FLOYD are using him dude doesnt even see it. FIF said something that caught my attention a while back he said “floyd doesnt like to be alone”. FIF is about his business you cant drag your feet with him.

  • G.O.O.D.BoySwag

    Money make the world go round, ya neva lost til ya lose ya crown

  • BK

    If anything, this further points to how much of a bitch Ricky is.
    His kids were in MAYWEATHER’S crib. Now he’s riding with him? World’s gone mad.

  • Fernando

    50 said on his twitter it was staged. so it’s over and rick ross got trolled… what a bum nigga

  • HH


  • zeee

    UPDATE: like i said @king 50 stay dry snitching

  • 50 kills me with #SK just dropping advertising in #SMS the middle of his SMSAudio sentences. haha.

  • TH

    How can this be seen as “50 admits this was a publicity stunt” did I miss something?? 50 is still sneak dissing him with the response….”Floyd asked me to act like were fighting cause no one was paying any attention after his 60 days”………

    until Floyd say its done, I don’t believe 50 for one minute. He is the King of dry snitching and sneak dissing…..i.e. he talk about Jay and Puffy and then turn around every minute and say something slick.

  • AKofteam80ty

    50 dont dry snitch, 50 just says the shit, and never has he ganged up with anyone during a beef, he just does his own thing, like it or not

  • Marko-V
  • Brandon

    Why people keep bring up the mother of Ross kids…he wasnt with the bitch when 50 cent and mayweather had her in NY…ya’ll some dummies for bring up that argument.

  • CaliSwag818

    Why they taking pictures of money in Floyd’s bedroom?

  • vmzodeaubudg

  • hahuefadopki