Jay-Z On Nets Win & Hurricane Sandy

The Brooklyn Nets won their season opener against the Toronto Raptors yesterday at the Barclays Center. Following the game, Nets owner Jay-Z,spoke on the victory and devastation of Hurricane Sandy.

Reflecting on the first game in Brooklyn and thinking about the hurricane.  Thinking about being undefeated and all the losses/wins that lie ahead. Life will always throw adversity and tragedy at us. We remain resilient! Heartfelt prayers go out to those who lost their lives and to the families who continue the fight.

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  • Classy always.

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    Lol @ Nets Owner …

  • T.O.S

    This nigga said Nets owner hahahaha hahaha

  • Cz

    Team owner…more like glorified mascot.

  • Relly


  • Loaded

    calm down camel its just one game…you know the number one? something you and the nets don’t share since you own tenth fiftheen of that one you fucking cocksucker

    i love to celebrate success but come on. This nigga thinks he brought the nets to brooklyn by himself. Jay was mopping the floors outside the board room when they made the decision

  • Up

    real talk though i would have smack jay in the back of the head if in was behind him. just to see what would happen. if he presses charges he’s a bitch…if i can never enter barleys center again it won’t matter since the Nets fucking suck anyway. its a win win!

  • M.T

    lol @ the stupid niggas above. jay may not own a huge part of the nets, but he is an owner nonetheless and an important figure in the nets franchise.
    Prayers go out to anyone who lost a loved one in the hurricane.

  • DJ Game

    where’s the donation at? clown.

  • Kunta Kente

    1% owner lmao… Its just image marketing, we went over this. Anyway New Jersey played good!

  • Inside I’m Ice!, Outside I’m Lava!

    Damn Jay you see what you’ve done, that crack you was peddling birthed a generation of traces of crack in these kids blood, so the side effects causes them to act out with aggression and spew things out without thought. So in essence they’re bunch if crack babies, now I get it when rhymed “feel the crack aroma”

  • Ea$y Bread

    True inspiration. Ppl should be taking notes instead of criticizing and asking for the man to dig in his pockets all the time; which he won’t. He already stated after Katrina that giving time is more valuable as these guys never really know where their monies go. Glad Brooklyn has this guy. He represents us well.

  • this is 50

    him and mayweather only get 1% of they money dummys

  • Black Shady

    LOL @ all the hate!!!! who cares if he owns a fraction of 1%??? he still owns part of it losers

    and why nobody mention how Beyoncé is definitely the baddest in the game??? I mean look at her in the picture. Good Lord shes fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Matt

    who’s the (wannabe) white girl at his side?

  • R

    That’s Michael Jackson Reincarnated by his side she brought the bleach formula!

  • WestCoast

    joke of the year : nets owner with 0.00000000000000000000001%

  • Tbones

    [email protected] Nets owner, its cos of exaggerated lines like this dat make y’all look like idiots n got Kanye saying he would have made Jay drop K Humphries from the team. Guess wat? he got a new deal. #Ridiculous. The Russian gangster made a smart move by making Jay the face of the franchise cos he know how many sheeps will be following like the zombies they are. By the way, Jay dont own DefJam, Live Nation, Ace of Spades, D’usse etc.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Dudes are worried about Jay’s capacity with the NETS. Your not seeing the big picture kids. Who cares if Jay doesnt have Majority Ownership. That man is a part of the BK NETS thats a fact. You dudes act worst then females.

  • bumpy johnson

    @ TBONES thanks for your insight , now please share with us about what u own …. …..

  • michelle michelle

    don’t let them diminish your accomplishments…

  • damone

    wow a lot of hate on Jay. Jealously is for chicks. Don’t hate step your game up. Crab in the barrel dudes always mad.

  • Tbones

    @BumpyJohnson, I dont own shit but my Masters in sport management for now and about to step it up to the next level in the sports industry. Am not as impressionable as u sheeps that live vicariously through Jay and ur favorite rappers and cant face the facts which is Jay dont own the nets, he is just d face of the nets (though nothing wrong with that) to draw in sheeps like u. BKL Nets suck and wont make the playoffs.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @Tbones. Your a negative nelly.

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    How many of you niggas even own a car ?? bummy welfare niggas always got an opinion & an excuse

  • Tbones

    @Zoom. u need to check the meaning of negativity n stating facts, then differentiate b4 typing crap.

  • bumpy johnson

    @ TBONES exactly my thoughts u are one of those crab in barrel type stupid negroes …. smh

  • WMJ

    @bumpyjohnson….I agree with everything you said. @Tbones…Im sure @bumpyjohnson knows the difference between negativity and stating facts….Im even more sure he recognizes when someone tries to twist the facts (Jay is a part-owner) so they have a negative spin (ONLY a part owner). Im sure anyone who has real money will tell you that its the power that goes with it that counts. Money takes you into circles that you could not otherwise go….so instead of concentrating on what precentage Jay owns…think of the kind of circles that percentage puts him in. You say you have a masters in sports management…seems to me you’re in a perfect position to get with someone who has an inside track in the sports game. Can you say Hova? Masters notwithstanding….isnt very smart of you to burn your bridges even before you get there. SMH

  • Tbones

    @BumpeJohnson, typically ignoramus and sheep. wtf is a crab in the barrel? u better step ur life up n get an education and stop living vicariously tru ur favorite rapper. Am leaving my life and could careless abt what a celeb does in his life but in the same vein, it does not stop me from pointing out facts which is that Jay is not the owner of the Nets, D’Usse, Ace of Spades, Budweiser made in America, DefJam etc. I know it makes u feel good to claim what ur fav rapper accomplishes. #Fuckboy

    @WMJ, judging from ur comment, u dont come off as an emotional typical stan. U got my point which is Jay is a part owner of the Nets regardless of the percentages. The media like u and I know can be very irresponsible at times with their sensationalism which can lead people astray especially kids and illiterates. Have seen kids argue about how Jay could really get Kris Humphries dropped from the Nets cos of a combination of Kanye saying it and twisted lines by the media. Loads of educated people like Dr Cornet West has spoken on this issue too, I guess he is crab in d barrel too like d fuckboy Johnson stated.

    I feel u on ur last issue, as a fresh Masters graduate, relationship building n nurturing is very key and I intend to do just that, but it doesnt stop me from voicing my opinions with underlying facts esp online. Nah mean?

  • floridaboy

    beat my meat till skeet secretes.. all over beyonce!!!