• p-g

    dope!! he got 2 out of 2 on this sunday service so far!!

  • yesssir

    is this a freebie or part of his album?

  • naseef

    game nice

  • fucking with this..the album is gonna be dope

  • Evil

    This was dope.Chill song,nice flow and beat.
    Good track

  • wizsucks


  • Cheeez

    @yesssir not on the album. Funny ass beat tho and song

  • Slim Baller

    DOPE! Gangland 2 Coming soon #Truth

  • Hannibal Lecture

    Get em Chuck! Hey ZoomZoom where’s G-Unit you groupie ass bitch!

  • i must have smoked some real nice dour just now, lmao cuz this shit actually dont sound too bad…

  • a good idea would be for people to be speculating who produced the beat until the album is released and theyll find out on the credits..no trademark sounds or wtvr like “listen to the track bitch!”

  • Batman

    Damn i havent seen this many good Game reviews on a song in a longggg time

  • Slim Baller

    SAP produced this song …

  • DoleMic

    This shit dope. I hope Game don’t do like he did last album & give all his crack away 4 free & have throwaways on the album that coulda easily been replaced by countless dope original, unsampled joints he used 4 mixtapes.

  • Anon DCPL

    Jesus Piece needs to be a cohesive produced album, cause his last shit was all over the place…A Premier beat, then a trap beat after, and then 3 fucking R&B songs back to back to back.

  • Mrgodsfavorite

    Fire shits Dope!!

  • Heyhey

    What’s so good about red bottoms? The shoes for men look like ass

  • yoopyoop

    Dope ! the beat is crazy!!!

  • Hannibal Lecture

    Off the subject That Onyx video should have made the Top 5 posts instead of that wack ass Nelly mixtape!

  • lick da kat

    my nigga

  • Strong Johnson

    Dope. Game is a cartoon character but the guy can rap

  • Mac Diesel’s FATHER

    Man i think this is gonna be his best album… concept it raw

  • Black Shady

    it’s cool

  • WestCoast


  • lick da kat

    yes more please

  • Check out this dope track “Party drugs” by Justin O’Ryan

    dawgg i dont care what game does outside of music…this joint is on point… his flow is on point..jesus piece gonna be a dope album im sure

  • Gametime

    Looks like old chuck is back, keep #sundayservice coming!! This shit hard as hell, Will cop Jesus piece 11-12

  • prime dawg

    pretty good


    anybody got the jesus piece link?

  • Nick

    1 or 2 more songs like this and I’ll cop his album

  • Trent

    This is the Game people want and need, hopefully this album will kill the hate and he’ll get the credit he deserves

  • tazz

    really dope

  • kett

    dope shit! game killing it,such a fresh beat

  • Iran The Race


  • dope shit

  • RealN3groMakin$ense

    It’s been a while since Game has had a solid concept album. If he sticks to this method then this next LP should be pretty legit.

  • Yeezus Christ

    this beat is not crazy smh its good tho

  • Cruel Thing

    Finally Game comes out with a good song. It’s been a minute.

  • pap

    I u Don’t Like It Suck A Dick ! this Shiiit is dope !

  • Safe Dwade

    This on the album? I might cop 2 of em if its a classic

  • Safe Dwade

    Game need one mo classic His first is

  • Cheez

    HOV AND YE WOULD KILL THIS BEAT not that Game didnt kill this already tho

  • floridaboy

    daaaaaaaamn this raw af

  • Tone

    Damn all good reviews

  • Shit is fire !!

  • slicksick

    daaaamn game is steppin his game up!

  • Roll out

    “Sleep outside for days for a pair of j’s then you sleep outside forever cuz you got sprayed:”

  • M.T


  • Devante

    This nigga ass..

  • NY Kidd

    Dis shit kray #WestCoast king

  • NY Kidd

    U ass… Devante hatin ass nigga ha.

  • Jay jay

    KiNG SHiT album gonna be dope

  • KIm

    Becoming a huge fan DEC 11!

  • MoneyGang

    West Coast to East Coast 2TheSouth.. HE’S The Best MC walkin “and i aint stopin till im the king in every state.”

  • Myles

    GKMC was trash to me i like 2songs off it

  • Millz

    I dnt think Game should sign to baby hes to big to be on ymcm he got more buzz then wayne

  • Millz

    I dnt think Game should sign to baby hes to big to be on ymcm he got more buzz then wayne….DOPE SONG THO

  • S.DOT

    Wow ima cop that.. jP#1 album of 2012?

  • Liz


  • S.DOT

    Its nas or game.. kdot’s was coo not classic i like that blkboy fly shit 2verse is sick

  • BlkwallMG

    Dis shit right here niqqa dis shit rite here…

  • Don

    Shit ima bang this bro

  • Nicki

    Might be

  • Rapgenius

    Daamn. All positive comments!!? with all respect it deserve it

  • MMG

    Droping in the 4qur smart move…sunday amen

  • maxx

    Yeah Game still the WC king.. i got luv for kendrick tho but that boy Game thats hard to live up to.

  • Asa


  • That Guy

    Game’s got a great ear for beats.

  • Kourt

    Cant wait.. JP

  • Jenn

    Damn and woww

  • Missjenny

    The haters will come there out there…Dope af holywater! Jp.

  • Q

    Beat’s dope like a meth head.. game go in

  • SB IE

    Put holy water on them haters..ima cop dat Dec11

  • Dino

    Naturally dope art

  • Mac DreJR

    O yeah! Nice

  • Good musik

    Cali king shit

  • Frank

    S/O to cali Dope music! Jp

  • Pam

    Great music and i dnt really like rap

  • Tim t

    Holy water.. KING

  • FRESH1

    I been studyin game n that boy is dope… monsters in my head, killin it, im the king, pop that rmx, burn rmx, put me under, black out, the kill, the hangover (song), Amen rmx, God speed,Tonight,the pelge, invisble felon, jus to name a few

  • Cz

    The west coast is truly back

  • Hate haters

    He can rap

  • WTT2

    Cant lie this is dope hes been goin back to that chuck taylor shit when he killed every thing

  • Ya

    Good shit still dnt like him tho but he can spit

  • fireeee


  • Nipz

    Game hard af like his wife said in the behind the musik thing the fire is bak chuck

  • LaKidd

    West coast aint fall off i was sleep in compton…fact

  • Yolo

    Game the king of the coast not kendrick i mean hes dope but hes no Game chuck spits frm his heart like pac kendrick is sick tho not fillin the album 2much

  • Weedboi

    Yolo…..well said

  • E boy

    Hes not the king of jus the west to me he’s hiphops KING WoRD TO JAY

  • Truu

    haters turned in2 fans lmao

  • 3chainz

    Dope dope n mor dope All i want fo my Bday is a Jp album truu

  • Hi

    Man jus put the damn album out chuck

  • BlkShades

    5mics or die word to xxl..but they favor other rappers not him

  • Jp

    That bone thug remix is dope Game cant spit like anythin n every thing nigga go HAM n this is harder then that yessir 2outOf2

  • Left1

    Impressive i see u might get the album this dope

  • JeffStar

    Game time swizz voice this on replay

  • Suck



    i like i like

  • Nyce1

    I think we got a classic on the way roger that

  • Inf

    No name drops!

  • lick da kat


  • lick da kat


  • Anon DCPL

    ha, it looks like the game has a lot of interns posting comments within 5 minutes of each other.

    I was wondering why this shit had so many comments..excellent marketing.

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    pretty dope actually, diggin the eminem relapse feel on this beat

  • Fiddy5

    I can digg dis

  • Zoo

    Im here to diss tha nigga im one of 40glocc interns lol

  • Suck


  • Dopeboy

    video comin soon i think dope shit MG

  • ~RoCboy~

    Krazy beat &nice bars yo ima play this to wrk

  • lick da kat

    dude is killin em.

  • MMG VA

    Looks like its GAME time

  • The HD

    Game has always been the best, when he put that pen to the pad lisen closly to dudes bars. On mixtapes he’s a problem im frm BX n we kno hip. JESUS PIECE

  • The HD

    Damn every1 feelin this song

  • drenaza

    actually its not sap’s work haha u pricks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ky5Mt2PLf9E

  • Swagg in em #4J’s NY 4life

    I bet dre like shit i messed up by pickin 50 over Game where 50 now doin fake boxin promos and fake DREbeat sets that to big for yur fukin head dude cant sell records for shit..and Game got 4 number 1 albums RED was jus last year now Jesus Piece that gonna be five #1 albums B, On fire SUM ONE GET SUM #HOLY WATER real talk son.

  • Swagg in em #4J’s NY 4life

    FYI… Drenaza you dipshit its called a sample “prick” sap did tweek it and make it Games every rapper does samples so wats wit the youtube thing hater

  • Don

    Yall niggas funny cuz…Damn this goes H.A.M

  • Sim300

    DOPE AF…Game ft nicki? when can sum1 tell me

  • c


  • e

    Where is the video at ? Yall late

  • Classic! you can find the instrumental here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0R36BiwvHOE

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