• Slim Baller

    This song pretty dope

  • Chris

    Not a fan of the song really, but shouts to Rocky with the Death Row beanie lol

  • Black Shady

    haha I was bout to comment on Rocky’s DEATH ROW hat too haha

    and shit even tho he fell off so bad…wayne’s hook is the only reason this track is aight

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  • DK

    Show of hands – anyone else getting tired of the “2 Chainz flow” being used on every new song coming out lately?

  • slicksick


  • Culture

    Wooow Deathrow Records? That caught me completely off guard. I guess they couldn’t find any Polo Grounds Records skullies for ASAP to wear. But why Deathrow????

  • bumpy johnson


  • Devante

    So niggas gonna let ASAP get away from ripping off Lil B style?

  • cookie cutter bullshit #CCBS

  • JustMyOpinion

    Wow……I forgot about that song: THAT quick.

  • Peekay

    this sounds exactly like i thought it would – boring

  • barack obama

    i Like The BEAT, Fuck The REST

  • Terrible. Same shit every song. KRS-ONE Disaster Kit makes this look like amateur hour at the Apollo. The veterans make these dudes look pathetic.

  • Heat

    The Amateurs also make the veterans bank accounts look pathetic ^ cry me a river hoe

  • complexcontext

    for real wayne has been trying this skateboard thing out for too long to be celebrating barely landing a pop shove it on camera. he should have been doing those after his first month. get back to rapping.

  • CJF

    and wayne still cant skate .. rockys verse was aight thou



  • The beat is aiiyt,rockys verse is nice but he sounds familiar and fuck the rest