Eminem “Won’t Back Down” In Abu Dhabi

Your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper is overseas. And yesterday, Marshall landed on Yas Island for the Yasalam After-Race concert at du Arena and above he runs through one of his Recovery hits.

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  • eminem

    i’m the man

  • Evil

    New EM album coming in 2013

  • WestCoast

    Emirates = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • ..Julian..

    That’s how you do it folks

  • kbisburning


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  • Jasså


  • Black Shady

    you know my nigga got paid millions to perform lol

    but on some real shit Em…you need to go back to MMLP/TES shit for ya next album………..

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    I’m sure they paid him a few mill for this .

    Gotta make back some money after slaughterhouse flopped

  • the brain trust

    Lool yeah, the slaughterhouse album was terrible. Didn’t deserve to do numbers tbh.

    Good to see Em performing again.


    worst song on Recovery thus far

  • BlackDivine

    my favorite rappers favorite rapper? lol
    the ‘GOAT’ has no classics, but get your money maybe this might get u closer to dre or 50’s bank accounts.

  • mr.lino

    em getting paid

  • ECU

    Legend getting money

  • eyes lower than shyne record sales

    what no “eminem fell off after relapse” comments? haters must be occupied tonight

  • lll

    He got around 5mill to perform this show.
    A GOAT doesn’t perform anywhere anytime, it’s gotta be more than 20 thousand people to be able to get him.

  • Mahad

    “Your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper”?? REALLY?
    Em is great i give him credits, but fact is i hate all overrated Mcs like Eminem wayne etc, Eminem is one overrated mufucka,

  • Slaughter

    Mahad you a dummy Wayne overrated yes eminen overrated hell nawww idiot

  • Cz

    Eminem has no classics??? “My Name Is”, “Stan”, “Real Slim Shady”, “Superman” Honestly his first 4 albums are all classics.

  • Change clothes already..

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  • mitch

    Eminem IS overrated now, its funny because when he first came out i thought he was underrated, but he is the highest selling rapper of all time, but still…..

    Jay z> .Eminem

    dont agrue

  • Just Blaze


  • AliX

    Em shits on ur favorite rapper, don’t argue, talkin bout jay z being better! Pfffft, gtfo did u hear renegade!?!

  • BlackDivine

    my name is? lol , maybe that classic for white people, i dont hear DJ’s rocking eminem sets.
    eminem is the great white hype,dont get me wrong he has technical skills, but he has no classics,
    GOAT? lol, thats funny, songs about slicing up his mom? classics?
    cmon now,back to reality, nas,jay,biggie,2pac have classics, i mean for goodness sakes krs1 has more classic material than em could wish for.
    but ill repeat,he has technical skill,just no lasting classics. Just too mtv suburbianites.
    Eminem’s fame comes from his color + dre cosign,yup,but the fame and hype comes from his color.
    i can think of 1000 jayz/nas lines worth quoting,what will i quote from em? lol

  • K

    The ticket for this show costs about $ 680 ………………

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  • Word

    I expected more haters on this post. Meh.

    I’ve always enjoyed Em through his career from infinite to recovery. Hope his next album is more in line with what he did with TES..I Dont expect MMLP type angst from this guy anymore he’s too old to be giving off those vibes.

  • @blackdivine

    No classics?? Lose yourself, Stan, Way I am, Til I Collapse… just to name a few. I could go on for days. Just because no party dj that you know of plays them doesnt mean they are not classics. I have heard plenty of djs rock an eminem set. Why is it that many famous rappers consider Em one of the greats, but you, a wanna be rap enthusiast, cant give him is proper credit. Lets go line for line if thats what you prefer. Name your top 10 combined lines from the greats you listed above, and I will name my top 10 Eminem lines. See how they stack up.

  • mcblah


    “worst song on Recovery thus far”

    Thus far? Are you expecting some new songs from an album that came out in 2010? smh

  • lena

    It is not a question of white or black, there are great artists irrespective of colour. So sick of hearing people always making it about colour. Em is a master – even Nobel literature prize winner has complimented him on his lyrics and his powerful energy various times. Eminem has more classics than any other MC EVER. He is a living legend and it is a pity you cannot understand how amazing his work is.