New LP: Big K.R.I.T. Live From The Underground (Chopped N Screwed)

Time to slow it down. Swishahouse co-founder DJ Michael “5000” Watts finally gives Big K.R.I.T.’s debut album the Chopped & Screwed treatment that it deserves. Stream and download after the jump.

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  • MR.M

    Ive been waiting for this since wayy back…

  • Cz

    Never got chopped and screwed shit…just sounds like you’re listening to a shitty version of a song that’s constantly skipping like you’re using a CD player or some shit.

  • Cz

    Like honestly after listening to 2 of these songs I just don’t get it…lets fuck up anything positive about a beat and then slow down the song so much that it makes the rappers voice unrecognizable

  • Not quite the R4 chopped N screwed but still. This’ll be fun.