Nicki Minaj: My Truth Ep. 1

E! aired the first of three episodes of Nicki’s reality show last night. Cameras follow her as she preps for The Re-Up album, tour, perfume launch and shooting her video with Cassie. To be continued.

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  • #honesty

    I’m only watching this to see her big ass and that’s all prolly watch it on mute

  • Ricflair

    Her ass is nothing less than amazing


    Nicki, sit on my face

  • eyes lower than shyne record sales

    yo is nicki goin Mj on us she looks whiter with every passing day…on a positive note id dig that pussy like a thirsty african diggin for gold

  • Carlito

    Damn this chick goes switches her managers like she switches her wigs. First it was Fendi then Wacka’s moms Debbie then Diddy & James Cruz. Then I heard it was suppose to be Wayne’s manager Tez. Now the show shows its Manny (keyshia cole’s ex manager) who seems to be super soft compare to all the old managers. Oh well at the end of day I’m very happy for all the things that Nicki has accomplished. She’s done way more than any other female rapper in a shorter period of time. #8 on Forbes list, Reality Show, American Idol Judge, Pepsi Endorsement Deal, Perfume line, Clothing Line, Cult Following (Barbz). Damn more than even most male rappers have done with just two albums.

  • Cz

    Fake ass drugged up bitch

  • Kev

    This b*tch needs to have the humble smacked into her. Whiney ass diva…

  • LikeJordan45

    This bitch wanna be white so fucking bad

  • no lie the more I hear her talk the more i respect her.. she is NY bro

  • King Chandler

    This chick is such a pill head, every interview I see with her she looks all perc’d out. smh. She’s the type of chick that plays in front of the camera like everythings all good then a couple years from now goes into a bottomless pit of depression from the criticism eating away at her soul. Pills won’t numb those feelings forever Nicki.

  • word @ kev all this reality shit she does just makes her look ridiculous she complains all the damn time

  • MrSkeezyMak

    WHat a bitch.

  • R

    Who let this Clown out the Circus!!!

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    nicki cant sing

  • mica

    yall juss hatin

  • Nelli

    J’adore Ms Nicki!!! <3

  • Black Shady

    LMAO she told that nigga bout “please…you wear a jeans vest” LOLOLOLOL

    and good lord shes fine. simply beautiful. seriously if u a straight man and u disagree….ur suspect

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