• this episode was pretty bad honestly…. Kanye had the funniest parts but even then it still wasn’t good enough.

  • man..

    what in the fuck..

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    American Dad >>>>> this nonsense

  • @Your mother’s “friend”


  • Jasså

    Well….That sucked…

  • Kali

    the episode was mediocre just like the whole series

  • M.T

    American Dad >>>>> this nonsense

  • floridaboy

    old family guy > new family guy > american dad > this shit

  • ethan

    hahahahaha the curb your enthusiasm ending

  • Alex Sharpe

    This was my favorite episode of The Cleveland Show ever made! I loved the music in it, I wish it would have never ended. This episode turned me onto The Cleveland Show right as I was slowly beginning to give the show up. Maybe it was because I watched it when I was high, but that is besides the point. Amazing episode.