Coach Uncle Luke NY Times Feature

Despite his controversial history, Luther Campbell is giving back to his community these days as an assistant football coach at Dade County’s Northwestern High. Below is an excerpt from the NY Times’ piece on his new gig. You can read the full piece here.

They know him as the coach who spends late-night hours analyzing game film, not the man who once made music and drank until sunrise. They know he will drill them, over and over, on their defensive assignments. He will blow that whistle. He will implore them to set the edge and mind their gaps. He will say in a postpractice talk: “Forget football, gentlemen. This is about life. You have to decide how bad you want it.”       

He will tell them not to swear.

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  • Steve

    Wow. I’d stay asking him bout some hoes tho lol

  • Slick

    He gonna get his cheerleaders from magic city

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Much Respect to Luther Campbell.